Cait Q&A Recap: Belfast, New Baby, and More

Caitriona’s new movie, Belfast, (which I can’t wait to see), opened in theaters in the US on Nov 12th. Cait is doing lots of press for the film, and took 20 minutes during commuting today (she was not driving!) to answer fan questions. Here are the highlights…

Q: Have you had a “pinch me” moment, either while filming Belfast or over the past few weeks while promoting it? Such a beautiful film and you are amazing in it!

Cait: Every day!!! But especially working with Judi Dench … I mean… COME ON

Q: Between promo and little man…are you sleeping at all?? Coz you look 😍

Cait: Nope!!!!! Haha. Actually he’s been a trooper and getting a few hours… 


Q: did you have a weird food craving when you were pregnant!!

Cait: Fried chicken … and pears 🤔

Q: How do you always look so glowing and beautiful in all the photos we see of you during press? Can’t wait to see you shine in Belfast!!!

Cait: Due to my amazing glam teams …. Takes a village 

Q: As both an actor and director himself, what’s something you learned from Sir Ken that you can use as a future director?

Cait: His meticulous planning …. Allows for total freedom where it’s needed because everything else is so organised

Q: do you remember what it felt like when you first saw Belfast after all the work was done?

Cait: Blown away. Ken did such an incredible job. Just so proud to have been in it 

Q: Can you describe how it felt to record a movie with people of the same nationality? And what was the most incredible experience you’ve ever had on set? 

Cait: Def a real symbiosis on set with having that many Irish people. A level of understanding that I suppose isn’t always there. It was such a soulful experience- one I will cherish

Q: Hoping to see it tonight! Easter eggs?

Cait: Ma gets some amazing books for Christmas!!!! 

Q: what do you think you have most in common with ma? 

Cait: Fiery temper … haha. Never thrown a plate though….. 

Q:Has Sam given you any flack yet for your ginger wig since that’s been such a topic of teasing for you two over the years?

Cait: No I think he’s just jealous I look so much better as a red head than he does …. Right @SamHeughan? 


Q: Also! I’ve seen Belfast three times and I love it so much! Did you have a favorite scene to film??

Cait: Riot scene … but all really

Q: What are your must haves when doing press? Anything you always bring with you?

Cait: Lately a breast pump 

Q: how do you manage your mom life with you professional life? How much do you miss your little one?

Cait: Def hard to leave him. But I’m lucky I have really amazing people helping me

Q: What’s the first thing you’re going to do when press is done and you get some down time?

Cait: Sleeeeeeeeep


Q: Would you like to work with Jamie again & if so what would you want to do

Cait: Any day. He’s such an amazing coworker. Such a talent and a man with integrity in life and in his work. Truly standup human

Q: How it was to work with Jude Hill?? I think you both are so cute together

Cait: He’s the greatest.

Q: Any word on if we will get Forget Me Not in the US? I know you’re busy with all these other fun things

Cait: Plans for new year world wide!!! Needed some time to iron out supply chains with all the changes going on 

Q: Are you going to share the video of Jamie Dornan’s stilts performance one day? 😜

Cait: Right now it’s working great as collateral… but we’ll see.

Q: would you ever want to work with emily blunt?? 

Cait: In my dreams …. That’s a hell yes!!!!!


Go here for more on Caitriona and Belfast.


If you have not seen the Sam panel or our BTS Lasses Discussion from Wizard World Chicago last month, check them out!

Happy weekend! x

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2 comments on “Cait Q&A Recap: Belfast, New Baby, and More

  1. Well a few of us Hudson Highlanders went to see Belfast this afternoon. My opinion only, though was that the film was lyrical. Branagh created poetry on screen, an ode to his family, his neighborhood and his boy self. Cait embodied Ma but at the heart of the film was Buddy. It was through his eyes that we see the world. As you and the lasses have said many times, when the writing is good, Cait and Sam are outstanding and when the writing is fair, they rise to the occasion. It is obvious in Belfast – the writing was simple and masterful. Cait’s acting was spot on! After reading her answers here, now I want to know what books Ma got for Christmas. Bees, maybe?

  2. Thanks so much, Courtney. Your summaries make life much easier. I always have trouble finding all the info in Twitter. Your hard work is much appreicated.

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