OutlanderBTS Lasses Panel, Wizard World, Chicago 2021

Thanks again to Karmen and her trustee I phone and tripod, here is our discussion from yesterday’s panel at Wizard World Chicago, 2021. Enjoy!


Go here for Sam’s panel from WW Chicago 2021.

Happy Sunday! xo

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12 comments on “OutlanderBTS Lasses Panel, Wizard World, Chicago 2021

  1. You really don’t know that it’s “trusty,” not “trustee,” and it’s “iPhone,” not “I phone”? You need to go to writing bootcamp before you write anything for publication again.

  2. Thank you,thank you lovely lassies..What a treat by the miracle of technology.
    I did miss your lovely Doctor..hope we will see and hear her again when you do your Season 6 chats..Won’t be long now.
    Anita Thomson 👏😘🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  3. Thanks Lasses! Lovely to see you (virtually) again. I’ve missed you. Really looking forward to your discussions of S6. I agree with hoping they do a great job with Claire’s illness and looking forward to hating Malva! :-}

  4. Oh how I have missed seeing you and hearing your discussions!

    Great discussion. May need to make it a point to go to one of rheee events just to meet you all.

    Can’t wait for S6 ❤️

  5. The Bugs are interesting characters in the books, however I think if they retain the Gold story line, then Arch will be the significant rival. They seem to have diminished the role of Mrs Bug since Marsali, not she, killed Lionel.

  6. I just watched your panel from WW Chicago. I missed you all and was so happy to watch. I think The Bugs and the gold are important to the future story lines. In the past few seasons, I kept expecting to see Hector’s mausoleum somewhere on the grounds of River Run. The gold is the whole reason Rob Cameron kidnaps Jemmy, so I am not sure how they can leave the gold (and Roger and Bree going back) out.

  7. It was wonderful seeng you ladies together again (thank you, Karmen for recording it) and can’t wait for the new season. I enjoyed the range of ideas for the coming season and season 7. And, hoping for 8,9 and 10 – LOL!! Thank you all again for letting us fans join you!

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