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  1. Thanks for this. I have been laid up for the past week and re-watched season 4 wondering at the emotional ups and downs, amazing acting and wonderful sets afresh. I finished re-reading Fiery Cross so am interested to see how the TV version will progress. In the meantime May can’t come soon enough with the extras to be on the DVD to be enjoyed. Thanks to all involved with yet another wonderful season.

  2. I’m doing the Happy Dance, great news the DVD/Blu-Ray of Season 4 is coming out this May! Can hardly wait. I loved the video above, and listening to both Meril and Toni talk of their experiences in creating Outlander. Lots of fun moments and hard work. I loved the ending to Episode 13, leaving the door open to unfinished business, an unknown future for everyone, and more intrigue due to an upcoming political mess. Jamie, Claire and family up for more adventures. Love them all.

  3. Well I am really sorry that these two sit there and make joyous as if this season was the best thing since sliced bread. Imo they need to start owning up to the mistakes they made, especially leaving out the birth scene I am still upset about that and haven’t watched the last episode still. So I am afraid that the addition of the problem of adding Murtagh into the thing just annoyed. So I am pretty disgusted with both of these women, that they didn’t think that Jamie and Claire at the birth was important whether feasible or not. Really did it matter if it wasn’t feasible, the whole story expects one to suspend belief with the premise of time travel anyway. Sorry still angry and it is my opinion.

  4. While I still have an unused FB page, I appreciate not having to have a footprint there (for basically 2.5 yrs. for a variety of reasons, like an effing boycott). I very much appreciate viewing this interview on your blog. I also appreciate all of your Outlander content and this was a good time to let you know.

  5. I just pre-ordered the Blu Ray of S4 at Amazon.

    I have not listen to the video yet. I wish I could have asked questions. Also I wish we will have the previous writers we had in S1 and S2 back. They were the best. I enjoyed S1 to S3 a lot, S4 was a little bit disappointing but I still liked it. They could have had Brianna spent time at Lallybroch instead of with Laoghaire which was unnecessary. I like Murtagh a lot but because they decided to keep him alive (they should not have done that), the whole story has been changed and unfortunately will be changed for the rest of the story.

  6. Thanks for the video Courtney. I particularly liked Toni’s comments. She still seems so enthousiastic about the whole series. Nice to see. I’m sorry that some people did not like season 4. I thought it was excellent, my second favorite season after season 1. As to the fact that they have kept Murtagh, I am all in ( I have a weak spot for Duncan, as you may know). I think that it is a plus for the series to add new story lines. I love Jamie and Claire but I think I would get bored if it was only about them all the time. The new storylines enrich the series in my opinion.

    • Jamie and Claire ARE Outlander and all the other stories come from their story. Adding Murtaugh is great but they have screwed up the character of Roger so much that I wish he would go back through the stones. Matt and Toni have written good episodes but they are terrible show runners and since I don’t think Toni has read all the books how could she possibly adapt the series. They were given magic and they have turned it into standard cliche-ridden TV. It makes be scream and weep.

      • I am sorry you feel that way. Yes there are a few weaker scenes and illogical character reactions here and there but overall I think that the producing team and the cast are doing a great job. We do not know all the constraints they have to deal with. I am a book reader but I can still appreciate the TV series even if it does not always reflect the books.

        • There is so much to like in season 4. So many wonderful moments. It is unfortunate that for me, giving short shift to the Jamie and Bree storyline, and adding that awful bit of dialogue where Claire tells Jamie he won’t always be first with her, kind of spoiled all of the really good stuff. Seems to me they should know that what impacts Jamie or Claire and their relationship, impacts viewers, too. When they do their story board and look at the must include scenes from the book, why in the world did they waste time on resurrecting more Frank backstory, and not figure out a way to film the birthing scene that was special because it clearly showed the unity in the central family. That scene was so necessary after the mistake they all took part in causing. There has already been way too much Frank, and honestly there were many beloved characters other than Murtagh that were not kept alive beyond their role in the books. I would give up Murtagh in a minute to get the chemistry between Claire and Jamie back. Please don’t invent unless you have time to do justice to the central story. Brianna and her father needed screen time to mend their broken relationship. Jamie and Claire are the heart or the story. When that love between them that should be unbreakable is lost by unnecessary dialogue that drives a wedge between them, it needs to be fully mended. That storyline that caused so much pain for the central family should have been brought to its happy conclusion in a clear way, as it was in the book, not just a passing smile at the dinner table. That was beyond disappointing. I would like to hear them say just once. You are right. That was an important scene. We should have found a way to do it.

          • Please remember that this is a TV show, not a life or death situation. I think that the team does its best to produce a great show but it is hard to please everybody all the time. Despite its occasional flaws, we are lucky to be able to enjoy such a great show.

          • Shari, Hopefully we will get some of J and B’s reconciliation in S5. Fingers crossed. x

      • I feel you Linda! I enjoyed Season 4, but I did find it a bit all over the place. There were amazing eps like 406, 409, very strong ones like 405, 408 and 413, good ones like 404 and 411, and for me, 412 was like a masterclass, then ones that had potential but one or more epic failings – 402, 407, 410. I am so hopeful that with Sam and Cait as producers for S5 and 6 we will see more consistent characters. There were also some very good new writers in Season 4, who I hope stay, (and hopefully some go). All to be determined as this journey continues….

    • You pretty much voiced my own feelings! I truly don’t understand how people can be disappointed with the season.

      • Neither do I, Nancy Murphy and Diane Dumas. Let’s try to remember that Drums of Autumn was a wallop of a book with “situations” galore that Toni, Maril, Ron D. and the team had to fit into 13 one-hour episodes. To my mind they did it splendidly, hitting all the right marks. I really don’t understand the criticism.

    • I agree with you Diane about the new storylines. There were a lot of creative wins in Season 4, (and some losses, for me). Looking forward to S5!

  7. While I appreciate the work and effort put into Season 4 and indeed did enjoy some lovely moments, I also came away with an over-all feeling of sadness at what was deleted/omitted from this season also. I will continue to watch in hopes that the powers that be, have heard the outcry of fans that missed the characters of Jamie and Claire as written by Diana ~ I will leave it at that. Again, I look forward to S5 and one of my favorites of the book series; The Fiery Cross!

  8. Thank you!!!! That was a very nice interview! I love that I know how long I have to wait until my Collectors Copy will be landing on my doorstep! My mom’s birthday! I can see it now. “Sorry Mom, I need to get home to open my mailbox”!

  9. Courtney, thank you so much for uploading this. I am not on FB and am delighted to have been able to see this interview. I have mixed feelings about Season 4 too. I wish each episode could be longer and I hate it when Jamie and Claire aren’t in episodes, they are Outlander. A look, a touch, the unspoken understanding between them sometimes, so subtle but so powerful. I like TV Brianna much more than book Brianna and think Sophie Skelton is wonderful. Roger is a complex character and as a book reader I think they have drawn his character well in the show, I like Rik Rankin’s portrayal a lot. The authentic sets are just stunning and for me, the Indian villages this season were outstanding. I’m glad they kept Murtagh, Duncan Lacroix does a wonderful job and his relationship with Claire and Jamie has been important from day one. I totally agree about there being way too much Laogharie and not enough Lallybroch. It was so disappointing that Jenny was not there but Laura Donnelly was on stage in London in the Ferryman and I guess just wasn’t able to do it. She and Steve Cree are perfect as Ian and Jenny. It’s going to feel like a long time before Season 5 is on…keeping feeding us tidbits Courtney!! thanks for all you do.

  10. You’re welcome for sharing it! Thanks you guys for all your comments. I always read them all, but I don’t always respond right away due to time constraints. I appreciate you and our community so much! xo

  11. Why do they not answer questions that are critic?? Season 4 are so disappointing. Especially the changed character of J & C. And where is the Love story??? Everything is about plot, plot, drama. Now the show is like any other show on TV and not the Unique Outlander!

  12. Don’t they really hear us at all? Don’t they actually know how much we wanted to see Jamie and Brianna make amends? They wanted to give Bree and Roger their moment? I am happy with that conclusion of that story arc. I would have traded Jocasta and Murtagh in a hot minute so see Brianna and Jamie, heads together in unity. They dropped the ball completely on that story arc.

  13. Thank you, that was a wonderful discussion! So happy to know that as writers, you are as invested in creating what was in the books as much as you are and that you are as obsessed with the story line as much as we are! I loved all the inside tidbits you gave about the additional scenes as well as the deleted scenes that will be on the DVD’s. I particularly enjoyed hearing how you decided to end S4 with Bree and Roger running to each other and how difficult it was to get that without horses hoofs clopping too soon. Good work! And then to close it with Jamie learning of his payback to Gov. Tryon in the near future. To hear all of this from the writer’s aspect was all very interesting and I would love to see more of this in BTS. Over all I was impressed with S4, but I still miss love scenes between Jamie and Claire. I know they are getting older, but come on, I’m almost 72 and my husband and I are still very busy if you get my drift! In fact, Jamie has taught my husband a few tricks, thank you very much! And after all, their growing love is what really captured us fans and keeps us glued to the TV on Sunday nights and repeated watching of the DVD’s. I loved, loved hearing all this directly from the writers this time and how they developed each episode and why and how they try to stay close to the books, Diana, and to get as much in as possible to move the story along. And thanks to Carrot too! Adorbs!

  14. This session is what I love about Outlander BTS. You get into the nitty-gritty about all things Outlander. I really enjoy this dishing with Toni and Maril. They are so warm, understand Outlander’s dedicated fandom, and work hard to please us. Thanks loads for this.

  15. I read that Sophie Skelton thought that some of her finest acting was done during the rape scene and that she was sorry to see it land on the cutting floor. I think that she is a fabulous actress and would have loved to see her talent shine.
    Thanks for posting this interview….really enjoyed it!

  16. I don’t know about you, but I do remember the rape scene and it didn’t seem like too much was left out, aside from actually seeing their genitals. Not much was left to the imagination in my estimation and her acting was excellent during the scene.

    • Hi Suzie, Denise is referring to Brianna’s rape in Season 4. (I think you are thinking about Jamie’s rape in Season 1?). And no, nothing was left out of that one! ?

      • Yes, Jamie’s rape scene in S1 was no less that stone-cold shocking, but the most courageous bit of acting I had ever seen. Brianna’s rape was likewise as vile, but focused on the aftermath of her utter despair. Both scenes were beautifully executed, difficult as it was to watch.

  17. Hi Courtney,

    I WAS (sorry about screaming all caps) referring to Brianna’s rape scene. I thought it was graphic enough and violent enough to convey what it’s like to be raped and I thought she did an excellent job of acting out that horrible experience while it was happening and the aftermath which takes time to recover from. I know from first-hand what that is like. Rape is nothing about having sex per Se, it’s about power over someone else and sex is only a tool to do that. I also thought that the way she later felt guilty about not fighting hard enough and the way Jamie cleverly convinced her that she might be a very strong woman in so many ways, she’s no match for a much larger and stronger man with intentions of rape.

    Thank you for answering me though! I love your blogs and your conversations and cocktails with the gals! Look forward to your next one.

    Suzie xo

    • Suzie Frew-Harris, I applaud your courage and resilience to speak of your own experience of being violated. The aftermath always brings many emotions involving shame, fear of telling, and in some skewed way personal guilt that it happened at all because she didn’t fight hard enough. In other words, all her fault. That’s exactly what a rapist relies on. So kudos to you!

      I think Jamie’s response to Brianna was for those very reasons. He didn’t want her crippled by such thoughts, thus demonstrating the point very well.

  18. Suzie Frew-Harris, I applaud your courage and resilience to speak of your own experience of being violated. The aftermath always brings many emotions involving shame, fear of telling, and in some skewed way personal guilt that it happened at all because she didn’t fight hard enough. In other words, all her fault. That’s exactly what a rapist relies on. So kudos to you!

    I think Jamie’s response to Brianna was for those very reasons. He didn’t want her crippled by such thoughts, thus demonstrating the point very well.

    • Yes, had I had the courage to reveal my rape to my Dad, maybe he would have tried that same approach to let me know in no uncertain terms that I could have never gotten away from my attacker. There was nothing I could have done. My parents never did find out, they would have just worried about me living on my own. Although there was another time with a different man who called me late at night wanting to come over and I told him no and he let me know he was coming over anyway. Something told me to gather up my two dogs and walk up the alley in my nightly to my neighbors house and knock on the door. My neighbor answered and very casually said, “hello Suzie, what can we do for you.” (They we’re British) I asked him if I could spend the night there and with no questions asked, he led me up the stairs to the spare bedroom. From that vantage point I saw that man arrive and heard him pounding on my front door and the way he was yelling I could tell he was drunk and had I been there I’m sure he would have gotten in and attacked me. I think he deduced that since the dogs didn’t bark, I had left with them, so I was safe and he never called again. After 50 years, I am still friends with those dear neighbors.

      • That is quite a story, conveying much wisdom on your part in such a predicament, and I’m sure all who are reading this feel as I do. How nice to know that after all this time you’ve remained good friends with the neighbors that rescued you.

  19. You are very brave and courageous. I read your comment, and my blood ran cold thinking that you had been taken advantage of and forced into a situation that left you helpless and vulnerable. Your neighbours are such a blessing. Hope your life is a good one now.

  20. Oh thank you Rhona, I just consider myself resilient having lived alone 29 years before meeting my husband in my late 40’s. As a single woman I had a few scary moments that some how I wriggled myself out of and came out okay. You just have to dust yourself off and don’t let it scar you forever and have more power over you than it already has. My neighbors at the time have been in my life all these years and yes, they have been a blessing in many ways over the years. I’ve been married 24 years now and my loving husband makes me feel very safe!

    • Suzie, thank you for sharing so candidly here. You are an inspiration. I actually felt that Brianna’s rape scene was in some ways more upsetting than Jamie’s. Hearing it while people went on about their business was awful. I’m so sorry you had to experience such an awful thing, and I am so thankful for your British neighbors, your husband, and most of all your resilient mind xo.

      • Courtney, thank you for answering. I too was more upset about all the people in the pub knowing what was going on and doing nothing to help this poor girl. My rape and having to flee another man are in the past and I rarely think about them anymore. God knows I’ve done some stupid things that could have ended up in worse scrapes, but I look at it all as experiences I have lived through and made me a stronger woman. At least that’s the way I trade it off in my own mind. I was brought up by two strong Scottish parents who expected strength out of their 3 girls and also expected us to use our heads. They don’t know the half of what we went through because we didn’t want to disappoint or worry them. But I did learn resilience from them and that’s what I take with me through life.

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