Happy Birthday Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser!

Cover art:
‘To France”
Oil on panel
55 x 75 cm
by Dorus Brekelmans, the Netherlands

Artist’s note: “Hello, I’m a Fine Arts Painter from the Netherlands, also fan of the Series on tv. Still love the ending of that amazing first season; just that brief moment of peace and quiet on the Cristabel. Being a fine arts painter I tried to capture something of the atmosphere of that particular scene in oil on panel….”

Happy birthday to the fierce, loyal, honest, doesn’t apologize for who she is, but owns her own shit, and does apologize if the situation deserves one, courageous, level headed, dedicated, compassionate, passionate, loving, and respectful of her man, Claire. Thank you to her creator, Diana Gabaldon, for bringing her to life and into our heads and hearts. And thank you to all those who make her come to life on screen (writers, directors, cinematographers, costumers, sets, etc.), but most especially Caitriona Balfe. Our lives would be less colorful without you, Claire!

Born October 20, 1918 in London, England, UK, Claire is 102 years young today.
Source: Outlander Wiki

I hope everyone is staying safe and well. xoxox

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10 comments on “Happy Birthday Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser!

    • Hi Liz – there’s not a lot of info about them in the books, yet. I have a feeling we will find out more.

  1. October – the month of magic, the time of Hollow’s eve so close. Happy Birthday Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser – a lady of strength, intelligence, courage, compassion and a tremendous love for her one and only Jamie Fraser.

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