Here’s the Video of Sam and Cait’s Q&A Just Now on Facebook

In case you missed it, or would like to see it again, here it is. WOW 14 hour days without commute time. These people definitely needs their vacations and are remarkably charming!




9 comments on “Here’s the Video of Sam and Cait’s Q&A Just Now on Facebook

  1. Thanks for taking the time out of you busy days to do this question and answer session. Congratulations on your People Choice Awards. Hope you enjoy filming the rest of the season. Looking forward to Season 3.

      • Canada, but that’s not the issue. I was using Firefox and there’s nothing, but I tried with IE and the video shows there. Maybe one of my FF extensions/plugins is the issue — AdBlock maybe? Haven’t tried Chrome, but definitely doesn’t show up for me using Firefox as my browser.

      • Yep — seems to be AdBlock that is the issue. You might want to post something telling people to disable it if they use it with Firefox and possibly Chrome — haven’t tried that browser.

  2. Actually, they both look exhausted. The shooting schedule is brutal and they are working incredibly hard. I am glad they got the nod for P.C. but they need their beds, Poor kids,

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