Kudos to Ron D. Moore, Anna Foerster, and All in Editing and Post Production

Courtney’s Comments: There’s a gif floating around including footage from the wedding episode that I’d not seen before. We were discussing whether it was in the blooper reel and my friend @bluekako came up with the following extended scene. Of course, it’s a joy to watch Jamie and Claire in whatever capacity, and especially to see something new. But it also calls to mind the skill and artful attention to detail with which episode 107 was cut together and presented as a final piece of work. From watching this I know they shot these scenes many times from different angles to get what we have as a final product. Kudos and thanks to the whole team, especially thanking the post production crew today.


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2 comments on “Kudos to Ron D. Moore, Anna Foerster, and All in Editing and Post Production

  1. Why on earth does it say “Williams Shatner” on the artists list???

    Since when does:

    a) watching the first 8 episodes of the show and being very derogatory about it,
    b) exchanging tweets with some of the male artists, the author and costume designer,
    c) having your associate start a witch hunt against “shippers” and other fans who
    happen to disagree with his opinion,

    mean that you are an artist on the show?

    • Hi Michelle,

      I put him in categories as a joke (when I posted his interview with Sam). He is a controversial character indeed. What can I say, he reminds me of my dad, good, bad or otherwise. Thanks for visiting and for your comment. Hope you come back –Courtney

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