OutlanderBTS What’s New: S3 Filming Ends, Bare Asses in the Print Shop, Sam Facebook Q&A, New Cast Projects, etc.

A lot has gone on since my last update on May 24th. I attended Outlander in the City, where I caught up with numerous friends and cast members, including Grant O’Rourke, Steven Cree, Gary Lewis, Stephen Walters, Duncan LaCroix, and I had the pleasure of meeting Rik Rankin, Nell Hudson, and Wil Johnson, who plays Joe Abernathy in S3.

Filming wapped up in South Africa this week, and cast and crew are posting pictures. They are both grateful and nostalgic about the end of their time there, and all the work they did in Scotland for this season as well.

Sam did a Q&A with Roark Gyms at 11:30AM Central African/ 3:30AM Mountain time…

Sam said he might be late due to the wrap party last night, but…

He appears to have made it – video below…


Cait and Sam both posted photos with thanks to both Scotland and South African crew… wondering if this tank was used for filming? ?


Cait selfie with two of the South African crew…

This beautiful photo (below) is by Matt Roberts, taken this past week. He said “The Outlander voyage(r) is almost over…”

 Matt is quick to remind everyone that there is *lots* of post production work to be done, and Sam offered Caitriona for IT services and theme song help (watch out Bear!). We learned earlier that post production takes approx. 2 months per episode, so that takes us up to the September premiere date.


Diana and Sam also took to Twitter for some fun ribbing this week… It all started when Diana was commending the cast and crew for their fabulous job on S3, and Lyn South asked if Diana is happy with the print shop scene (a verra important question, by the way) 

Artwork by Vera Adxer

“Oh yes” was Diana’s response. Then Sam entered the convo and said “we hope so!” to which Diana wrote “Oh ya’ll pretty much worked your asses off on that one, and it shows!” ?

Sam, being Sam, went there:

To which Diana said:

Sam mentioned “extreme closeup” and Diana retorted…

Wow, that IS an extreme closeup!!! ? ??

Cait got in…

and silliness ensued… with many emoji descriptions of each other’s hind quarters, including peaches, donuts, apes, spider webs?? mushrooms, strawberries, flowers, and a windy octopus?? 


The sibling rivalry played out on the tennis court earlier this month as well, as Sam (who does not play but is VERY competitive) beat Cait (who does play) -look at that gloating smile!!!

Maril, Cait, and Tobias sometimes play, so Maril had this to say “Um, please tell me that Sam Heughan didn’t beat you?!” 

And Cait said: “Or that Sporty, Ginger, Scary Spice is just a sporty freak of nature and Very Very competitive… (he’s also quite posh and can be a <baby emoji>”  

Oh you two…


It was a week of TV couple spats as Rik Rankin and Sophie Skelton also hit Twitter with some fun banter… Sophie said on Instagram: Signing #Outlander Limited Edition Trading Cards and a certain RR thinks he can outwit a Fraser… #Nicetry MacKenzie #BrianaRandallFraser

A new role was announced for Sam – the lead in the new Lionsgate comedy, “The Spy Who Dumped Me.” That’s all I know about that for the moment…

In other news, Outlander finds a time slot on channel 4 on UK TV, which is great. Since it’s shot in the UK, people in the UK should be able to see it! The first season is slated to begin airing later this month. Read More

Diana’s Seven Stones to Stand Or Fall comes out this month… June 27th I believe

and here is an audiobook excerpt of Diana’s story with Steve Berry, Matchup. 

Steve Berry is an American author, professor and former attorney who writes suspense thrillers. I don’t know the story (yet) of how these two teamed up. 


Terry Dresbach had a birthday this week and wonderful Ron spoiled her with flowers and cake and a relaxing day

Terry also posted a photo of these breeches this week. She’s doing research for the Season 4 costumes, and had this to say when I asked her about them…


Romann popped onto twitter to say hello this week, looking more grown up every time we see him. 


There’s a free screening in LA coming up on June 25th of Sam’s film Emulsion

Grant is nominated for an award… 

Steven Cree’s new film project, The Little Princess is wrapping up… 

and Stephen Walters and Andrew Gower are just embarking on a new film project, The Humpty Dumpty Film, for which they’ve done some very successful fundraising.

For more info on their project, here is an interview with Andrew Gower by The Ross Owen Show, fresh off the press: Andrew Gower on TROS.

You’re all caught up now, hope you all enjoyed ?

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  1. Happy Birthday Terry – right there with you – mine leads me to retirement – yours? Season 4 – wish I could help you – love your creativity and brilliance !!!

  2. That was probably a warming tank — after shooting in the big tank where the water was no doubt much colder.

  3. Sam is right to call attention your blog on his Twitter account. You are the best writer of all things Outlander. I really enjoy your reporting skills, insight and your respect for the show, the cast and crew and the author of the book series, Diana Gabaldon. Very well done!

  4. Enjoyed reading. It pours some balm upon our long waiting hearts! And a lot of good news and happy faces. Thanks for sharing.

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