OutlanderBTS What’s New: Happy 4th! Sam & Cait, Diana, Bonnie Prince, S3&4, Cast, Crew Updates

Photo: Sam Heughan and Writer Anne Kenney, from LAObserved, by Judy Graeme. See excerpts and a link to the full article HERE.

A very happy 4th of July to those of you in the USA. May we celebrate all that is good about this country today! Here are some greetings from Outlander cast and crew…


Filming has started in Budapest on Sam’s new movie: The Spy Who Dumped Me. Looks like Lionsgate provided a traditional 4th of July meal for the cast and crew; Sam sent out this 4th of July message from set today…

Shortly after arriving in Budapest, Sam ran into a fan at a store; he apparently forgot his wallet and ended up eating peanut butter for dinner!

So much has happened since my last What’s New, and this is Droughtlander??!! As always, I hope this update finds you and yours well.

Here’s the latest in the Outlander world, since mid June…

Outlander Homepage, Liz Mercado, Carole Braun, and partners are hosting another event in New York City on September 30th, much like their Outlander In The City Event. This one is with Sam and Cait and sold out the same day it was announced. It will be another charity event, benefitting World Child Cancer and Cahonas Scotland.

If you missed your chance at a ticket, Cahonas Scotland is giving you another with this charity fundraiser raffle. Click HERE for your chance to enter, donate, and win. You have until Sept 9 to enter, and you can buy as many tickets as you like. Good luck!

I did a fly by at Denver Comic Con and caught Diana and Andrew Gower’s panel, followed by a “Page to Screen” panel with Diana and others, including Christopher Paolini, author of the Eragon series, whom I found interesting. Graham McTavish was scheduled to appear but had to cancel due to work commitments. Look for a full piece on that in the coming weeks, but for now here are some photos…

Diana is always witty, and she managed to keep the Bonnie Prince and the rest of us laughing…



Andrew Gower had some good stories of his own as well…


The “Page to Screen” panel with Diana and three other authors, including Christopher Paolini, was informative and fun as well.   

Before coming to Denver, Andrew attended the National Museum of Scotland Bonnie Prince Charlie/Jacobite exhibition in Edinburgh…

where he made this short video. He talks about the exhibit and how it relates to his character. You can visit this exhibit (I plan to!) in Edinburgh, June 23 through November 12 this year. We get to see an artifact that will appear in the show in S3 in the below video, enjoy…

Diana had a sneak preview into the same exhibit when she was in Edinburgh in May. You can read more about her visit HERE.


You may remember that Stephen Walters and Andrew Gower are making a short film together, called the Humpty Dumpty Film. CORRECTION: Humpty Dumpy Film will be a full length feature documentary about Tommy Quickly and the Merseybeats music scene, and you can still make your pledge! Still two days left and any kind of support (donations, retweets, shares) are much appreciated!


(thank you to Izzie, for setting me straight)

 They’ve done some quite successful fund raising, and reached out to fans via song to say thank you…


Caitriona posted this picture on the 26th of June. Not sure if it’s an older one from the Outlander set or for something else she’s up to, maybe part of a wig making process? We’ll have to stay tuned…


One of my favorite Outlander characters, in the book and on the show, is Jenny, played so excellently by Laura Donnelly. Laura is in a new play called The Ferryman, which runs through the 6th of January in London at the Gielgud Theatre. The play is actually based on an event that happened in Laura’s family in the 1980’s. Here is an article about the play… The Ferryman 


Matt Roberts did a Q&A about a week ago and let us know that Season 4 writing is well under way. They have broken Drums of Autumn, which means they have taken apart the book and broken it into salient plot points and stories. They will then choose how those are grouped together and divided into 13 episodes (same as Seasons 2 and 3). They have completed this work for the first half of Season 4. Script writing is also under way, and in fact Matt has written at least one script so far. They have added three new writers (and are losing at least one, see below for more info). Season 4 filming starts in the fall, and will be filmed in Scotland. Casting (except for Rollo), hasn’t started yet. For all the details, go to Matt Roberts Q&A. Maril chimed in about a week ago and said they’re working on post production for Season 3, including editing, music, sound, and ADR (actors re-record or synch lines or words if there was background noise on original take or for other reasons). She also said they’re busy at work on Season 4.


The movie Churchill, starring Brian Cox, and featuring our own Steven Cree, came out on June 2nd in the states and June 16th in theaters in the UK. Here’s a bit about the character Steven plays in this movie, Scottish meteorologist, Group Captain James Martin Stagg:

And speaking of Churchill, here is Brian Cox talking about Edinburgh. I didn’t know he started the Lyceum; it’s my favorite theater in my favorite city…


Here is a gif teaser of a Season 3 scene featuring Claire with Dr. Joe Abernathy, played by Wil Johnson


We recently saw Episode 201, rerun by Starz in a lead up to the premier of Season 3. A fun BTS shot of Caitriona and Tobias “landing in the US” from that episode surfaced this week.


People are gearing up for San Diego Comic Con July 20-23. Several members of the Outlander cast will be there, but the only one who is confirmed as far as I know is Rik Rankin. Graham McTavish will be there for Preacher, and is apparently doing a panel at the same time as the Outlander panel. Sam did some ribbing about that on Twitter…

Steven Cree hops in on the conversation, suggesting Sam host a live Heughan Talks from the con…

Apparently Graham has not had the pleasure of watching these riveting interviews yet…

(If you haven’t had the pleasure, see the latest Heughan Talks Here. You can find out more about how Heughan Talks originated in my upcoming interview with Steven Cree, stay tuned.)

Upon deeper investigation, I discovered that the San Diego Comic Con Outlander and Preacher panels don’t conflict. Presently, they are both on Friday, July 21st, but Preacher (AMC) is from 4-5 p.m. in Hall H, and Outlander (Starz) is from 5-6 p.m. in Ballroom 20.  For more information, go to San Diego Comic Con.


Beloved Season 1-3 Outlander writer Anne Kenney, author of the famed Wedding Episode (107), will not be returning as a writer for Season 4. She has been a senior writer since the beginning, and will be very missed. We can look forward to her work in Season 3, however, as Anne wrote Episode 302.

For those of you having trouble remembering the wedding episode <cough>, here is a poignant reminder in the form of a very well done (in my opinion) music video edited by ashleyjestine01 Enjoy…


On June 29th, Outlander won The Saturn Awards Best Fantasy TV Series award. Toni Graphia and Maril Davis attended the event and accepted the award on behalf of the show. In one interview Maril talked about the challenges of moving the entire unit to South Africa and filming on ships, and Toni and Maril both agreed that this will be the best season yet. (Diana has also echoed that sentiment). Toni said there’s a lot of adventure and romance in Season 3, and Maril mentioned that there’s a great romance between a man and a woman that’s “very equal.”(yipeee). Toni said that Outlander has everything from war to the really small intimate moments between people. Sounds wonderful. Sam and Caitriona were both nominated for Saturn awards for Outlander, and although Cait won her category last year, neither won this year. Here is an interview with Toni and Maril in which they talk about turtle soup and Roger and Bree too. Enjoy…

Photo: Toni and Maril at The Saturn Awards, by Albert Ortega, of Gettyimages

Below is a shot of Maril with Lee Majors at the Saturn Awards.


Jon Gary Steele was accepted to the Academy of Motion Pictures, which is not surprising, considering he’s so brilliant. Congratulations Gary!


There was a solid Outlander turnout for screening of Sam’s movie Emulsion on June 25th in LA…


Diana’s new collection of novellas is out as of June 27th: Seven Stones To Stand or Fall.

Here is some more info from her on the stories contained within…

In honor of Father’s Day, Diana published some moving (always) Daily Lines from “Written In My Own Heart’s Blood”

and, of course, Starz released this crazy video of Ian and Young Ian for Fathers’ Day…

Here’s a cool BTS peek at set decoration on a TV show, courtesy of Terry Dresbach


Grant O’Rourke is playing at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival in the month of August. For more info, and tickets: Grant at the Fringe


Scott Kyle has a surprise for everyone attending the Highlander Fling this year…


And not only will attendees get bling at the fling, they’ll be treated to this guy (and others) 

Speaking of Àdhamh, he has a new job teaching Gaelic to the cast of a film called In The Darkest Hour…

And speaking of Scott Kyle, he’s moving on from the Regal Theater in Bathgate, in pursuit of implementing his “subway system” vision for theaters. His goal is to enable shows to book through one person and automatically generate a theater circuit in Scotland. If anyone can do it, this guy can! To read more, CLICK HERE.


Ross Owen, of the Ross Owen Show is up to good things (again). I believe he is the one who introduced us all the Alexander’s Journey. Oh, and July 4th happens to be his birthday. Check it out… (Happy birthday Ross!)


Now’s your chance to move to Scotland and work on Outlander as a trainee (but the deadline for applications is July 10th, so hurry!)


Gillebride is doing a concert + Gaelic workshop in Toronto August 9th, for more info: Gillebride Concert & Workshop

and he’ll also be at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on August 17th and 21st


Apparently Bear McCreary doesn’t know who he is ? ?


and Outlander debuted on UK TV Channel 4 this past week, and to celebrate, Sam shared his list of favorite whiskiesL Sam’s Fave Whiskies

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Enjoy your day today wherever you are! 

— Courtney

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  1. Thanks once again for the spectacular compendium of goings on…sorry to have missed you at the Con. Busy life…huh? Be well and enjoy your 4th!

    • Leslie, This summer is nuts! And truth be told, I was ill. I was in and out. We will get our chance to meet!

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    • Thank you Rosanne, what a nice compliment! ? Will we see each other? I hope so! I remember you are going to LandCon in early Oct, when are you headed over? xo

  4. Thanks for all the wonderful updates! I always look forward to your posts. #Droughtlander is really tough to get through, so it’s certainly a pleasure to get any kind of outlander news!?

      • Thank you for the update and the support of Humpty Dumpty Film! Really appreciate it!

        Also thank you for the lovely pictures of Andrew at Denver Comic Con. Living vicariously through you and everyone else who was lucky enough to be there and meet him.

        • Izzie are you working on the film project? I didn’t get to meet Andrew, I was actually a little bit sick, so I slid in and out of there pretty quickly. I will have to meet him at another time I guess! Thanks again for the updates and corrections!

          • Aww what a shame that you didn’t get to meet him. He’s such a sweetheart and I love hearing the stories from people who met him. Most Outlander fans are really surprised because I think they expect him to be like the Prince and he’s really nothing like him. 😉

            I don’t work on the film, I contributed through the Kickstarter and I’m an admin on Andrew’s fangroup and it feels a bit like we’ve done nothing but sharing and tweeting the info about Humpty Dumpty for the past 4 weeks to get the word out. ?

            17 hours left now and I hope we can get them to 17k. That would be really amazing!

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    • Aw, You’re so welcome Diane. Outlander is a big part of my life too, so I’m thrilled to be a point of connection 🙂 xo

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