Quick Q&A with Sam #AskTheFrasers – Highlights

Sam was on hand for a quick Q&A today, here are the highlights:

Favorite episode so far?

Who spent more time in hair and makeup?

On playing older Jamie and Claire…

How many times did Sam hit the deck in the Print Shop…?

On his favorite new character in S3… himself ?

On challenges of The Print Shop episode…

Hardest scene to film in S3

Caitriona describes Sam in 3 words…

(Bad Ass Fucker – thank you Marion)

Ta! is British for “Thank you”

On being A. Malcolm, Printer…

I’m sure one William Shatner would love to get ahold of those for his annual charity auction! 


Mindhunter is Sam’s current favorite TV show, and Rollo gets a lot of treats and has bigger biceps than Sam (huh? ?) And with that, his battery died….

But then he came back…

On what goes into playing Jamie…

On consulting Diana… awwww.

Adding this…

because I love Diana’s response… joint custody indeed! 

Sam’s first films in a movie theater (or cinema) were: “One of the Disney films… Black Cauldron I think. First non cartoon, Turner and Hooch.” Sam also likes the band Imagine Dragons… “Right now loving Arcade Fire.” His favorite beer? “So many… love Schiehallion!!”


On scenes that didn’t make the final cut…

On Ed Speleers, the new Stephen Bonnet in Season 4… looks like our villain lovers have a new heart throb in town

On how much sleep Sam gets… Momlanders are concerned for our favorite leading man!

And that’s a wrap… Hope you enjoyed xo

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2 comments on “Quick Q&A with Sam #AskTheFrasers – Highlights

  1. Hmmm… so are Laduree his favourite macarons or one flavour in particular..? And not only is he an Islay malt lover but also Schiehallion… be still my beating heart!

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