Season 4 Trailer Is Out! SPOILERS

OK guys, I am not one who likes to see the costumes, sets, locations, etc before the show airs, so I have not actually watched this – only just enough to grab it, grab a photo, and get it out to those of you who do like to see a wee taste of what’s coming. EXCITING!!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the Season 4 trailer. Looking good!!!! I cannot wait to see Drums of Autumn season. It was such a rich book with so many things happening. And Jamie will be wonderful to see as a strong man again. Again, I will be watching your blog because you do a smashing job.

  2. Carolyn took the words right out of my mouth. You certainly have been busy keeping us informed. Thx a lot for all the posts

  3. His hair was so attractive at the governors ball last season. Why, how, who with this coming up hairdo? Strawberry blond bangs. No one wears them. Not like that. NO ONE. I simply cannot understand many of their decisions when it comes to hair. Sam is an extremely handsome man who has been made to look awful. I would never have believed it was possible. His hair has morphed into a fuzzy wig with a tail.

    • Wow.. I totally agree with you. Cait and Sam are so beautiful and handsome, why these, I’m sorry for blunt honesty, cheap bad wigs. People who lived in this century, and at this age do not have to look like they took now care for themselves, took pride in their appearance, especially, Claire and Jamie…

    • I think that a wig is what Sam wants himself, because he can cut his hair and do other projects like The Spy …. But I do agree that they can do a beter job of the wig than this one.

  4. Totally agree. Hate to be a Negative Nellie but the hair is a character in and of itself and is totally distracting. I’d rather they use his Dunbonnet wig and just groom it so that it could be tied back or plaited. At least it didn’t look like road kill on his head. I can’t understand how they can be so totally blind to how bad it looks and that they haven’t seen how much negative reaction there has been to it. BJR and Ian Sr. Have great wigs, why not Jamie?

  5. After months and months of Droughtlander and forever waiting for even a wee snippet of S4, we get this great One-minute montage, which includes many new (and important) characters, and two people can only complain about Jamie’s hair/wig!! OMG .. as if there is a barber in the 1700’s American outback, carrying a blow-dryer in his gun holster!. They would not even have a bath let alone wash their hair! (In saying that, my wee pet-peeve in S3 (even though the men all looked they hadn’t had a wash in years) was Jamie’s lack of hair and beard when he was in Ardsmuir (and all the other men) .. perhaps they had a barber in prison?)

    • No. I also complained about his hair when we got the first snipet of S4 directly after S3 ended. You know, the one where his mom is reading him a bedside story about a very young USA.

  6. Wow! Excited for November! It’s gonna be a great season.
    Drums of Autumn was one of the best in the series. I’m sure the season will come up to the standard

  7. Smashing news! Frustrating too at the same time. We all know it is still far away! MG! And even further for me as I know six months will certainly be necessary to get the DVD – only way to view it here – from amazon! Makes me grumble, but I will be happy the day it comes. And will not criticize wigs or hair. I did not like it on Jamie, but it was in Jamaïca and he had to hide his fiery hair maybe? He did not have the money to go to a roper barber maybe? And they were wearing their former costumes of Paris… Come on, let us just enjoy the images and be happy to see them back.

    • Live and let live . We all enjoy the show and have opinions on many things. Some the same some different. At times emphasizing one over the other. No reason for opinion police to get themselves in a tizzy. Relax. I’m sure they’ll be all sorts of things to get annoyed about when S4 begins.

  8. Omg. Comments on hair are just killing me. Just shut it, please. Can’t we all be happy? So Jamie has scraggly bangs and Claire’s hair is a mess … I don’t care. Anybody waiting patiently for the new season shouldn’t care. ❤️

  9. Expressing an opinion about a hairstyle is just that. It doesn’t point to unhappiness. Unhappiness occurs when other people’s opinions about hairstyles are so annoying some feel the need to tell them to shut it.

  10. I like to trust in productions ability to style things. I think it works for the late 1700’s style. They have to deal with hats, make it look like time has moved forward and age the actors. I will be happy to sit back and let the feast evolve in November!

  11. All this fuss and bother about a bad hair day! We need to remember we are seeing a trailer with snippets of the story.. Without doing a spoiler, the scenes are out of context and sequence. We last saw Jamie and Claire washed up on the Georgia sands and both could have enjoyed a day at the spa. But having read the book one can sort of place the shots we are being teased with. Drums of Autumn was an excellent book and for sure the season will be as well. But as readers and fans we need to differentiate between what we read, what we imagine and how the story translates to a TV production.. Enjoy it for what it is, an epic saga, entwined in a beautiful love story.

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