And From Sam, Gotta Love This Guy…

Photo: Starz, Jamie and the Bonnie Prince, discussing Premiums ?

And, I suspect, my final post on this matter, from Sam’s Twitter account, seems we have some new t-shirts to look forward to ?…

UPDATE: Thank you Outlander Israel! 

Still more fan reaction. I love this fandom, so creative! ?Thank you Tash Pow. (Turn sound on, and enlarge your screen!)

Other Outlander people are jumping in to show their support as well. Past director Metin Hüseyin…

And Colin McFarlane, who plays Ulysses…

For back story: Please see Starz Coo…

The Scottish Sun also covered Sam’s tweet.. Aye Candy Article

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13 comments on “And From Sam, Gotta Love This Guy…

  1. How can you not love him? In a way, he’s a victim of his good looks & I hope he makes the right career choces. I’m confident that his talent will take him far. Whatever path he chooses & whatever his professional goals are.

  2. I look very much forward to Sam’s t-shirt line. I am definitely interested and yes, I do like his sense of humour a lot.

  3. Sam has a way of cutting through the BS! Just one more reason we love him! Makes me admire Sam’s wit and wisdom.

    I truly hope Mr.Hirsch has read some of our reactions and certainly Sam’s and Diana’s.

  4. Lean into this Mr. Hirsch! Your marketing double-speak is nonsense. You’ve alienated, excluded and insulted millions with just a few words. What your intention could have possibly been is incomprehensible. How Lionsgate could ink a deal to keep you on is equally incomprehensible. Here’s to Diana and Sam, the Queen and King! Long may they reign!

    • Hear, hear!! As a “premium” female – my choices for superb programming on Netflix, HBO and Showtime are plentiful. However, my hard earned money is going to Starz. Perhaps that needs to stop during “Droughtlander”? With the very little free time my “premium” husband and I have together; we love Outlander for the incredible acting, scriptis, locations and history. Cheers and love from Idaho USA!

  5. I’ll buy 3 t-shirts PLEASE. . .

    ( on the back of the t-shirt should be Jamie’s scars )

    Blessings to all. . .

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