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I hope this finds everyone well and spending precious time with loved ones this holiday season. Please enjoy a taste of Diana’s latest excerpt from her Untitled Outlander Prequel – the one about Jamie’s parents, Brian and Ellen – which is concurrently being made into a new spinoff. More on that below. To see the whole excerpt, please go to Diana’s Facebook page

“[Brian Fraser and Murtagh FitzGibbons Fraser are hiding out on one of the battlements of Castle Leoch, where they’ve sneaked in to take part in the funeral festivities for the recently deceased Chief, Red Jacob MacKenzie. Brian would be worse than unwelcome, if anyone recognizes him as the Old Fox’s son, illegitimate or not, and the two young men are keeping out of the way while they figure things out. There are several doves sitting in the sun on the wall near them, and Brian very slowly inches close to them. He’s just inveigled one into sitting on his hand (he’s done this trick before), when a tall young woman comes striding out of a doorway at the end of the battlement near them, but comes to an abrupt stop when she sees what’s up.]…
Brian saw her from the corner of his eye—a braw lass, tall—very tall—square-shouldered and looking well able to mind herself should things come to blows. From the corner of one eye, he caught sight of fluttering red hair, loosened for mourning, he supposed. She’d stopped when she saw them, but now came toward them, stepping slow and careful.
He could feel the dove’s heart, beating in his palm, soft and rapid. His own blood pulsed in his ears, not much slower. The young woman came to a halt, three paces from him; he didn’t look at her, but heard the rustle of her petticoats and felt his heart speed up to match the dove’s.
She watched with interest, still as a nesting quail herself, so as not to startle the dove. Brian moved his other hand slowly into the fold of his plaid, broke off a corner of the lump of bread he’d put away in case of sudden hunger, and moving still more slowly, brought it up and placed it delicately between his lips. The dove shoogled its head a bit, nervous at this novel development, but its eyes were bright and fixed on the bread…”
Now, who might play Young Ellen MacKenzie? After I learned about Scottish actress Karen Gillan, who is 35 years old – a natural red heid, and 5’11” – I’ve wondered why she never auditioned for the part of Brianna? And, when I found out about the Prequel, my mind went back to Karen for the part of Ellen. So, I did a brief search, and look what I found… Sam and Karen together, with another actress named Jaimie Alexander (!!), along with longtime Outlander fan Josh… a bit of Outlander synchronicity? Perhaps… time will tell.

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I hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays, and take very good care. – Courtney xo

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Source: Diana Gabaldon Facebook

4 comments on “Happy Holidays from OutlanderBTS!

  1. Thanks for another great article Courtney. I thoroughly agree with you and am keeping my fingers crossed that Sam Hoare returns as Hal Grey. I love his attitude towards Jamie. Admiration and dislike. He is so necessary to the story now. So 🤞🤞🤞

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