Ready to Meet Ellen and Brian??? Outlander Prequel Under Way!

Cover Photo: Andrew Whipp as Brian Fraser, Season 1, Starz

Starz just announced that a new Outlander prequel, Blood of My Blood is in the works. We will get the same A team who just gave us brilliant Season 6 of Outlander and who are currently producing Season 7: Matt Roberts (will be writer showrunner /executive producer), Maril Davis – will also be executive producer, Ron will be involved as Maril’s partner, and Diana will continue to consult.

Fascinating, since this prequel is currently being written by Diana and hasn’t even been released yet! So, will they come out together??? How cool would that be? And who might play Younger Jamie? Wow. And will they bring Andrew Whipp back as Brian Fraser?  Or will they re-cast? (He’s 52, so that may be a stretch! 😁).

So many questions abound! And, not least among them, what about Season 8? Does this mean anything for Season 8? Fans immediately started speculating on Twitter, and Matt posted this in response…

I SO hope there will be a Season 8 (as we all do). They’ve been hard at work on Season 7, but appear to be on a break now. Hopefully an announcement about Season 8 will follow soon, and we will all have lots of Outlander to look forward to for the foreseeable future. 

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Coming Up:

We just recorded our Episode 403 The False Bride Discussion on Tuesday evening, so I will get that on the editor shortly. 

OutlanderBTS What’s New also in the works.

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30 comments on “Ready to Meet Ellen and Brian??? Outlander Prequel Under Way!

  1. Can’t wait to see who will play Ellen & Brian Fraser!!! I think Andrew Whipp is great, although we didn’t see much of him. Why do I have a feeling Season 7 is going to be it? Praying I’m wrong, but seems like Starz should have announced another season by now?!

  2. Frankly, I’m more interested in the BTS upcoming discussion of 403 The False Bride than I am the Brian and Ellen prequel. Not everything in a world as widely spread as the one Diana has created needs exposition of what essentially is a plot device to get Jamie born and enough of his heredity and the childhood which shaped him revealed in order to lay the groundwork for his character. That a few of his traits and those of his parents show up again in his children, grandchildren and nephew Ian is quite enough to suffice.

    Diana has talked about her writing process and I get how Diana’s estimable brain works. She needs to have numerous balls in the air so as not to get stuck within the Outlander series. Hence we have a terrific oeuvre of her digressions into all sorts of Lord John in Scotland/Ireland/Germany/Jamaica stories, Jamie and Ian (Senior) in France, Hal and Minerva sidelines which link to Jamie’s espionage during the Rising, as well as The Scottish Prisoner. There there are the encyclopedic volumes–those comprehensive outlines concerning the entire Outlander elements. However, there’s also the cautionary tale of Atalanta and Hippomenes. After chasing enough golden apples tossed her way, Atalanta lost her focus on the goal (to avoid marriage) and lost the race. Therefore, I wonder whether Diana isn’t losing her story.

    At this point with multiple plot lines left unresolved after Go Tell the Bees, and as Diana enters her eighth decade we have little more than a few excerpts of the tenth book dangled before the fandom on her blog. There’s zip from Starz on an eighth season to address the aftermath of Snow and Ashes which Season 6 did not quite complete.

    The news from Starz mystifies me. They think there is money in a prequel when fans have been clamoring for more Lord John ever since he showed up? They must. Why else would they bother? Or are their principle actors balking at renewing their contracts? I’d sure love to hear the real story behind the announcement.

    • I was expecting a LJG spin-off too – but, I think they probably couldn’t resist co- releasing with Diana – my guess is the book will come out with the show on its heels. For me, Outlander is the center & Jamie & Claire the center of that. I wonder if they can’t get David Berry to relocate his whole family for the time needed to produce a LJG spin-off? Or maybe that’s in the works too?

      Fingers crossed for Seasons 8-10!

    • Both Catriona and Sam were originally contracted for 7 Episodes. Is this just another way of keeping Fans interested and spending their hard-earned money???. Would rather Diana finish Book 10 first prequels and the Lord John Books can come later.

  3. I am concerned about the future of OL with the release of the prequel news. On the other hand, I read somewhere that it could be possible for OL and prequel to run alternatively so when an OL season ends the prequel would run thus giving each of the shows actors/crew members time to pursue other projects. Then the need for such a L-O-N-G break between shows would be more tolerable to fans. Crossing my fingers this is their plan. I would be so disappointed (as would the millions of OL fans) not to have a logical/believable ending to the beautiful Jamie/Claire love story.

    • Maria that’s a great like of thinking that I had not heard.

      I think all of us are J & C fans first and foremost – we’d trade all the prequels for more seasons of Outlander. I personally hope we get both. ❤️

  4. I like the idea that the prequel would alternate with Outlander. Makes sense. But what about the LJG spin-off? I desperately want that. Also, I trust Matt so I’m not worried about S. 8 at least.

      • I loved the early years in Scotland, and will love being back there into the original story. I was kinda excited for the years leading up to A Rev, but not anymore. Truly. I’ve read the books and love them! Love the series! But with all going on stateside, I’m turned off by anything having to do with it, I’m afraid. I am much more excited at the prospect of digging back in to the Clans, the highland life, with characters we’ve heard so much about. I knew the story had to leave after the 45, but I’m ready to go back…way back. I want to see the MacKenzie sibs, Murtagh, Ned all of them, as YOUNG people, not people pretending to be young…some maybe children, who knows? I for one am ready and the alternate seasons thing would be cool, but right now I don’t think we necessarily get a season 8. Claire and Jamie will have really aged, and even with the magic of makeup, can they make these two look THAT old? Not like they can recast either. I will roll with it, however they choose to do any of it. It ISN’T up to any of us.

  5. Oh what do think Sam with different coloured hair to play Brian? Duncan can be in it and Graham with a wig am I being Selfish to want to keep the vibe going?😉♥️🇦🇺

    • Guessing here, but judging from the entrepreneurial spirit exhibited by Sam and things he’s said about openness to other roles (should they be offered to him), I’d say the last thing he’d want is to play another character in the OL series.

      For Graham it made sense to play Dougal’s son for three reasons–fan love, Starz couldn’t bring back a dead guy (Dougal), and unless Starz is tempted to an extension of the William Buccleigh story line as they did with Murtagh, the part is rather short-lived. It could be dealt with very briefly and swiftly–if at all. Even the way Diana wrote that interlude, it didn’t do much to advance the story toward Claire and Jamie which is where Outlander succeeds best.

      If fan’s want Sam and Graham there’s the next Men in Kilts to enjoy. Plus, Sam has hinted that there are other parts of the world where Scots have had significant influence that they could and would like to explore.

  6. Good news, but we want all 10 books of the original first, we have watched all 6 episodes and been very loyal to OUTLANDER all through the long gaps that we have put up with during this series, and to cut it short is disgusting, like a child with a new

  7. I absolutely love the idea of getting to know his mother and father, Diana is a great writer.. wish this could go on forever… and I too would love to see a LJG prequel as well. My heart will break on the ending of the OUTLANDER books and shows..

  8. Don’t want this WHY hasn’t Diana finished Book 10 1st. Not for me until Outlander Series has finished first.

  9. I think they’ll have to recast everyone..everyone will need to be young. MacKenzie sibs, Murtagh, Ellen and Brian, etc.
    I cant wait! I think this was a brilliant idea!!

  10. Both Catriona and Sam were originally contracted for 7 Episodes. Is this just another way of keeping Fans interested and spending their hard-earned money???. Would rather Diana finish Book 10 first prequels and the Lord John Books can come later.

  11. Wishing another studio other than Starz would take over. HBO or netflix would be nice. Don’t care about prequils, just want to see Outlander and Jamie and Clare. Don’t think Catriona or Sam want to devote their lives to it anymore.

    • If that’s true that they don’t want to devote their lives any further, that’s understandable! It’s been a long haul. They can do other projects, Cait is raising her son, maybe she wants to have more time with him. Maybe Sam has other opportunities, maybe they both do. Another reason I can see 7 being the last on screen. And the perfect place to go is back into their earliest years..before either character had been born. I can’t see Sam playing Brian, nope. Age appropriate actors, please.

  12. I really liked the actor playing Brian, Jamie’s father in season 1.

    I think he is PERFECT both in looks and manner (according to the books) for this role.

    I hope there is a way to work him in for the prequel. He doesn’t look 52, but then again when we saw him in S1 he was in his 40’s??

    A prequel would be super interesting in addition to finishing the original series.

    I hope they do both, AND I hope they stick more to the books and that kind of in-depth, slower pacing more.
    I find when they do, it’s so much more successful and with much more real feeling. This series is nothing without the focus on characters and their development.
    Not that they have to “perfectly” reproduce the books, that didn’t happen in any season so far, but when the gist and feeling remain more similar, they are more successful, IMO.

    I do hope they choose better writers for the rest of the series, than most of the first part of S6.

  13. I’m just hanging around for the explanation about the ghost. They keep trying to cash in on any possible love connection to get that back like with Jamie and Claire. It just doesn’t happen. They know we all loved the first series the most and I do hope I will fall for the prequel as well. Nothing else interesting on tv .

  14. My only interest right now is Jamie and Clair and ending the season as the books read, pushing ahead or behind is just ludicrous without the series finished. And besides the title sucks, it first came out at Jamie and Clair’s wedding ceremony, Blood of my Blood and Bone of my Bone, should HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH the prequel. Get real people!

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