IG Chat with The Christies + 602 Extras

Cover photo: Alex Vlahos’ IG Account. Malva and Allan yukin’ it up while they sharpen knives 😬🔪

Be sure and catch our in-depth Episode 602 Discussion

Also, the podcasts are now out for Eps 601 and 602. To find those, go to the Homepage of this site and scroll to the very bottom. The link is there. 


Hey ho! Here they are. Thanks OA!


Here’s a nice article by Caitlin Gallagher, from the Dipp, who interviewed Kate Cheeseman about Henry Christian’s birth scene. 

Go here for our 601 Episode Discussion, from last week.


If you are new to our episode discussions,

you can find them all in Featured Favorites, below the Season 6 & 7 articles, listed in chronological order, newest to oldest. They are also in Episode Discussions, which you can locate on the homepage in the top navigation bar. Enjoy!

Take care! xo

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