New Season 5 Promo Spotted, During Power Premiere Tonight!

Photo: Jamie and Claire, on the Ridge, Season 5 promo, Starz

OK, this is scalped from someone’s TV, so it’s not high quality, but this looks like the new art for Season 5… I’ll put up a better version when I see one! 

I assume that’s the Fiery Cross next to them there, and one smart fan asked if it was designed by Sam’s Uncle, Trevor Leat, one of the foremost creators of willow sculptures in the UK. Trevor designed the stag used in Episode 403 last season…

Thanks to Premium Female Rae on Twitter ? (gotta love fans!) for the video clip, which was apparently shown during the premiere of Power’s new Season 6 tonight.


That’s the news for now! I look forward to a clean copy to see and share soon! ?

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5 comments on “New Season 5 Promo Spotted, During Power Premiere Tonight!

  1. What caught my eye is Claire’s non-laced front bodice with the definded bosom. The straight, rather flat chested “stays” look of women’s costumes is what I remember from previous seasons. It makes me curious whether this is another authentic look for the period that I just hadn’t noticed before. Yes; the hair doesn’t match their otherwise tidy appearance. Hmm.

  2. How many episodes will there be in Season 5. i always felt there aren’t enough episodes in Outlander. I love it so much, I wish it would go on longer then the times alloted to it.

    • Only 12, Rhona. But, on the bright side, many shows are getting cut down to only 8! So, I kind of feel lucky that we only were docked on episode!


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