OutlanderBTS Casting News: Denzel and Rachel Video

Starz released this video of Rachel and Denzel from the set of Season 7 filming. Pretty exciting! More on these actors soon.

Did you see Cait and Sam’s original audition tapes? Here is a snippet of each one – presumably the full length tapes will be available on the Season 6 dvd & Blu-ray, due out next month on September 20th. Here is a link to preorder: Season 6 Boxsets.

Sam and Cait’s Original (Solo) Casting Tapes!


The BTS Lassies are going back and discussing the episodes we missed in Season 4 – we’ve done two so far – 401 & 403, with more to come. Here is the latest…

To see them all, go to Episode Discussions.

OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 403 ~ The False Bride

Coming up: OutlanderBTS What’s New.

I hope you’re having a fabulous week!

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5 comments on “OutlanderBTS Casting News: Denzel and Rachel Video

  1. Thank you, Courtney, as always! And to the wonderful OLBTS gal gang panel. Aside from reading Bees and watching S6 when it came out, I’ve been away from Outlander world fire a couple off years. The OL goodies I plan to catch up on are your posts and the episode discussions!! LOL, that should take me another couple of years! But I know that what I see will be fun, insightful, thrilled, outraged and sassy.

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