OutlanderBTS #TBT: Will Graham Be Back As Buck In Season 7?

For this #Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d republish my interview from April 2020 with Graham McTavish. We’d all been in lockdown for just over a month,  Graham was in New Zealand with his family, and I was in Colorado with mine. Season 5 was airing, and we had met Buck, but not yet seen the full season. Also, the first Men In Kilts had not aired yet. SPOILER At the time of this interview, Graham didn’t know that Buck returns for some adventures in Book 7, An Echo In The Bone, and we discuss that briefly. Do you think we’ll see Graham in Season 7? 

Enjoy this visit with Graham about Dougal, Buck, MIK, and more….


Did you see the snippets of Sam and Cait’s original (solos) audition tapes? If not…

Sam and Cait’s Original (Solo) Casting Tapes!

The BTS Lassies are going back and discussing the episodes we missed in Season 4 – we’ve done two so far – 401 & 403, with more to come. Here is the latest…

To see them all, go to Episode Discussions.

OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 403 ~ The False Bride

It’s almost the weekend! Have a great one. xo

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4 comments on “OutlanderBTS #TBT: Will Graham Be Back As Buck In Season 7?

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing a younger version of Buck. Adore Graham, but the part is better served by a younger man. My complaint about the handsome and charming Alex Vlahos is that he looks too old for Alan Christie. His relationship with his sister is a bit more pervy Ewwww when Alan looks in his 30s.

    • Oh interesting – I didn’t realize (I just looked it up) Alex is ten years older than Jess – he’s 34 & she’s 24. That is a big spread for brother & sister. Richard is 39 & Sophie is 28 – 11 years. That big of an age gap shows – you’re right.

  2. I hope not. Felt he was woefuily miscast. Seemed to be just another ” isn’t this fun we can do what we want ” move by the writers. I believe Tonl or someone said Graham was a fan favorite and they wanted to please their fans. Same with bringing Murtaugh back after he had been killed in the books. Sheesh!
    Echo in the Bone has lots of Buck, Roger, Bree interactions and more. I don’t think Graham MCTavish would be the right person to play Buck. Just my opinion.

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