Season 8 Will Happen! And Will Be The Last…

Starz just announced that Outlander Season 8 will happen!! Fantastic news, and sadly, Starz says that Season 8 will be the final season. 

Will it really be the last season? One never knows for sure until the time comes, but at least we know we’ll get MOBY! Will the last scene be Bree, Roger and the kids coming back to the Ridge, as in the book? Or will they somehow condense the last two books (one of which is not even written yet), into a final, maybe extended Season 8? Time will tell. It would be nice to see the full story completed. 

As to when filming for Season 8 will start, hmmm, maybe in January of 2024? That’s not time enough for DG to finish Book 10, but she has known how the story ends for sometime now, so she could consult on that. Ahh, the mystery.

For now, the cast is back at work filming the last 4 episodes for Season 7, which will be released sometime in mid to late Summer 2023, according to a recent interview with Sam. 

**Update (thank you Jill Rosoff), According to Variety, Season 8 will be ten episodes in length. I’m guessing that was a concession to retain the leads, since this will be a total of over twelve years of their lives invested, by the time Season 8 airs. With a shorter Season 8, maybe there will end up being a greater chance for a Season 9? 😄 Eternal optimist here. (link to article below)

The Variety article also mentions the official green-lighting of the Outlander Prequel, Blood of My Blood, which is the Ellen and Brian Fraser story. For more on that, go to 

Ready to Meet Ellen and Brian??? Outlander Prequel Under Way!

And for an excerpt from the novel Diana is writing that the prequel will be based on, go to…

Happy Holidays from OutlanderBTS!

Warm regards x

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Source: Sassenach Sevilla

Source: Variety

35 comments on “Season 8 Will Happen! And Will Be The Last…

  1. Do you think there is a possibility that they may extend after season 8? It’s a big hope! Yes we the fans so desperately want it to continue… but Sam and Cait probably have other ideas.
    What about a movie to do the final book (10)?
    Chances are we won’t see season 8 till 2025….a movie come 2026/7…. what are the chances Diana would finish book 10 in 3 to 4 years. Slim I guess if she is writing for Blood of my Blood.

    • Anything is possible. My gut is it mostly depends on Sam & Cait – I could be wrong there, Matt & Maril have to be willing too. I could see Sam & Cait agreeing to a movie – or maybe one last season after a break? DG is able to spend more time writing now, I think – the years of getting the show up and running and doing lots of press, were demanding. It’s tbd how long 10 will last and IF it will indeed be the end!

      • I loved the series of Downton Abbey but have yet to watch the movie.

        IF, by any chance, Book 9 or 10 will be made into a movie with Sam and Cait, I hope it will be with the same producers as in the series, Matt, Maril and who knows, Moore?

  2. I can’t imagine cramming three books 📚 into a final season. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. I did see somewhere that Season 8 would be 10 episodes.

    • Yes – not possible with only 10 eps. They are pulling some MOBY storylines into S7, so we’ll see how they work it out. They are no doubt writing it now.

  3. I think the family walking up the hill will be a perfect ending. As for the “REAL” ending to Jamie and Claire’s story, I don’t believe all will be revealed on a television show. That would not be advanatageous to Diana and the sales, popularity and audience for Book 10. Also, Book 10 might not be the end of the Fraser saga, so why should she be limited because of a tv show?

  4. I’ve always thought they could end the story with book eight!Hopefully, they will extend 1 or 2 of the episodes into book nine and at least show an entire family reunion, which includes William. I feel lucky that my favorite series of all time made it to a S8!

  5. I sure am excited for this news. I’m also hoping our BTS ladies will be able to do the wonderful episode recaps that I love so much!

  6. This is truly so exciting! I think the show will have run its course and as long as we see/read the solution to Jamie’s ghost, that’ll be just fine!

  7. From some of the sets and actors/characters that are in Season 7, it appears to go beyond Book 7. Maybe they are going to have part of Book 8 and Book 9 in Season 8? That doesn’t resolve the issue of how they will close the series out though. It IS a mystery to be sure.

  8. Such good news!!! Thanks for all you do to bring these stories to life with your lovely and thoughtful discussions!!! Ellyn Radson

  9. I am so very happy to hear a season eight is coming. I thank all of you for that decision. I have been such a fan from the beginning still feel this is the best show ever and everyone who works on Outlander have been outstanding from the writers, cast, crew, directors, producers, food crew, cleaning crew, all who made this series the best out there. Also my favorite couple on the screen is Sam and Caitriona. There has never been two actors that work as well together as them. So thanks for listening to your fans and keeping the best show on screen going!!!!!Thank you, thank you, thank you big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Diana Gabladon for being a genius author and making it so.

  10. I want so badly to see book 10 covered somewhere, but I would be willing to also see a movie, or a truncated season like 6 was. However, I’m in agreement that if you have to stop it early, stop it at the end of MOBY. That is still my favorite ending of any of the books, and I still cry.

    I guess I’m actually more worried about getting now-retired Davina Porter back to do the last audiobook, but that’s another issue. 🙂

  11. Fantastic News!! What an epic book and TV series this has become,a very sad day when the last season 8 ends,it will leave alot of sadness amongst fan’s around the world,but what a legacy for everyone to leave who were involved with this body of work WOW!! 👏👏♥️🇦🇺

  12. I bet the last 2 books will be combined in one “post-end” season. At least I hope 🤞
    Book 9 was sort of a buildup book, it feels like, for the last book. So…

  13. So…season 7 is based on an Echo in the bone. Will in include my own hearts blood and season 8 bees and the final book ending to the series? Whatcha think?

  14. It’s just ”Bitter Sweet”! Sam and Cait did say that they would see the story till the end; so, I am holding out for the Bitter End!! 😢♥️ Thank you for the news! 🫶🏻

  15. I am happy that Charles gets season 8 yet to portray William. The original actors get to finish up the show story while Diana leads us on with her book story. I’m not sure what the writers will do with the shows ending… will they stick to the books and leave us to read in or might they take this opportunity to improvise a bit? And I have to add that I feel like warm about a sequel…

  16. Oh no!! Why can’t they run through to series 10 when it’s so popular? I can guess why the actors may not want to commit to any longer but 😭😭. I really hope everything can be wrapped up properly unlike the totally tragic dog’s dinner that was Game of Thrones!

  17. With a lovely connection between Bree and William looming ahead I’d think season 8 would include that so there is food for thought here that family time is needed after all the reunions.

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