Great New Interview with Caitriona by Rob Licuria at Gold Derby

I love Rob’s interviews, and this one is no exception. Caitriona talks about Claire’s journey in Season 6 and more. Enjoy!


Did you see my post on World Outlander Day? If not, check it out (yes, that is our new William Ransom!)

Happy World Outlander Day!


Our last discussion was Episode 605, have you seen it? We also just did Episode 401, and I’ll have that out to you guys soon. 🙂

OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 605 ~ Give Me Liberty


If you’re new to our episode discussions, go here for more: Episode Discussions.

Hope you are well. x0

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4 comments on “Great New Interview with Caitriona by Rob Licuria at Gold Derby

  1. Always love Caitriona’s interviews. She gets right into her character and all the changes and obstacles facing Claire.

  2. Great interview! Really good Q&A with Sam & Cait. They & the entire cast & crew put so much into Outlander. Diana wrote the books, they’ve brought them to life.
    I CAN’T WAIT (but I can) TO SEE MORE OF THE FRASER Family 🤩😍

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