How Will Season 6 End?

SPOILERS!! Based on yesterday’s news, that Season 6 will be eight episodes, and Season 7 will be 16, where do you think Season 6 will end? I’ve been asked if it will end with a cliffhanger, and my answer is a resounding Yes!!  Most assuredly – the question is – which cliff??? 

Some episode titles have been leaked, and the sixth one is The World Turned Upside Down, which is straight from Chapter 80 of the ABOSAA, when Malva drops her bomb in the laird’s speak-a-word room, accusing Jamie of being her baby daddy. The question is, how much and what material will they get through in the last two episodes? 

I believe they will indeed wrap up the Christie storyline in Season 6, (because that’s what they generally do), but this is no average year! If that’s true, will we be left with Ian, Claire and Allan in the garden? Or will we be left with a group of vigilantes lead by Richard Brown threatening to fire the house? Or further, will we watch them taking Claire and Jamie away, with Tom Christie in tow? And what about the Roger and Bree storyline? Where will they be? And what about Ian? Hmmm… If you have an idea about which cliff we’ll be hanging from over the next Droughtlander, leave your comments below. I look forward to your thoughts! 


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Source: Wiki, ABOSAA, and Janet and Felice on Twitter! 

40 comments on “How Will Season 6 End?

  1. I think that they could end with Malva’s death and Brown et al trying (or succeeding) to take Claire and Jamie off to find “justice”. Whether we see Alan die then or later remains to be seen. Time will tell how they break up the story. It’s also possible that we will see the story through to Jamie rescuing Claire from the governor’s ship because there were photos indicating that older boats were used at a location with water. We’ll have to wait and see…

    • The boats could also be Jamie and Claire taking Bree and family to get to the stones in Ocracoake. That could be where Lord John’s part is. Does that mean we will have our William? They haven’t announced him yet. Can’t exactly remember where the whole Mandy part fits in but weren’t they already gone when the Malva fiasco happened? So much happened in ABOSAA and now some of it was in season 5. I think they went back to the future shortly after Bonnet’s death.

      • Hi Linda, Roger and Bree were not there for the Malva tragedy. That was part of why things went South – no Roger to wrangle the Presbyterians! 🙂 And also, they were able to get to the stones last season with Ian and a wagon, so I’m thinking they won’t go to Ocracoke. I think they went to the stones Roger found while with the Native Americans in S4?

        • Oh, you’re probably right. In the books they used the stones at Ocracoke but probably the same stones they already tried if they go back for Mandy’s heart issue. Also, since Bree saw a picture and learned about William before their first attempt to go back maybe they will skip the whole part with William meeting Bree and not knowing she was his sister. So maybe they won’t cast a new William for season 6.

          • I hope Bree & William do meet with Jamie & LJG looking on from a hotel window. That was a very poignant moment in the books, not only brother & sister meeting, but Jamie seeing both his children together for the first time.

          • I hope they don’t skip it! I’m ok if it slides into S7 but I hope they don’t skip it altogether. I guess if Roger & Bree go back in S6, we’ll have to meet William early on?

      • With the magic and creativity of filming we can have our William and Bree scene without casting him yet. Similar to Jamie’s ghost, we could see only his back or side view. Obscure it by a few tree limbs and he could be anybody.
        No face needed yet!

  2. I have a feeling that it will end with Claire being taken away by Richard Brown and his gang with Jamie and Tom Christie in tow. I think Brianna and Roger will have already gone back to the future maybe earlier in the final episode! When you look back at all the finales in the previous seasons they all tended to end on a positive note! The only two cliffhangers were the split in season 1 when Jamie bursts through the window and season 4 when Jamie is commissioned to hunt down and kill Murtagh! Because we will have to wait a long time between the end of S. 6 and the beginning of S.7, they may fool us all and somehow end on a positive note. Maybe Claire being cleared of the charges and Tom Christie confessing!!! It is anybody’s guess at this point! I am just happy that the show is still continuing on abs keeping my fingers crossed for a season 8 and beyond!

    • I don’t know about ending on a positive note. That is interesting to consider. As Karmen has said – Jemmy was trapped in the mine for years while we waited for MOBY, so anything is possible!

  3. Hi Courtney,
    Well….. they have two more episodes after Malva’s drops her you rightly describe it! I’m thinking they could in two episodes, get to where Jamie and Claire are separated on the journey….. where Claire is shouting at Tom Christie to stay with Jamie so the ‘vigilantes’ wouldn’t kill him, but Tom decides to stay with Claire. So both Jamie and Claire are fighting and shouting to each other as they are separated!
    But then again the ‘big house’ being set alight could also be a great cliffhanger!
    As for Roger and Bree goodness knows…. with the failed attempt in season 5 to go back to the 20th century! Unless they are both at the seminary so therefore not on the Ridge?

    I listened to you and your lovely ladies decussing 512 yesterday, don’t know how I came to have miss it before now! (Or had I listened to it before and had forgotten, getting old is such a bummer!!!😉) What a marathon for you all. But loved it thank you! Felt Catherine was so spot in about Sam’s failure to be recognised for his acting! It really is the two of them that makes the show! For me, one of my favourite scenes from 512 was Jamie and Claire by the stream, Jamie leaning🧍‍♂️🌳 by the tree, quietly waiting on Claire, giving her the space and time she needed. Powerful scene.

      • I don’t know if we’ll make it to Donner and the house fire if the Malva bomb is in Episode 6. Maybe… but, maybe not? If they do the whole Claire journey with Governor Martin, I think not.

    • I think that was my favorite scene too! I’m glad you re-enjoyed our discussion of 512. As I remember, Catherine was a bit on fire for that one – in a good way. And I like your idea about the specific place to stop the season – that is a seriously stressful moment in the story! I’m not sure about R and B either. They were not there for Malva in the book, so will that change? Or will they have already returned to the ’80’s? We shall see.

  4. I think that it will end with Claire being carted off to jail after Malva is found deceased. This terrible wait for such a short season. Darn!

    • Yes, I agree – more or less. I know. But, 16 eps for Season 7 is pretty sweet to look forward to…

      • Yeah, but they really just moved 4 episodes from S6 to S7 since both were to be 12 episodes each. Most likely did it for a clean break between seasons with a nice cliff hanger. We are getting the additional half hour of time with Episode 1 of S6 being 90 minutes instead of 60, which is fantastic! Can’t wait to see it! And I love that David Berry is going to be back as Lord John Grey. David Berry IS Lord John. And I wonder who’s going to play grown up William? Maybe S6 will end with the Big House burning or with Claire & Jamie being taken away for trial for Malva’s murder. Either way, it will be great to see!

  5. Im hoping the Christie storyline does not wrap, because i want to hang on to our three new cast members! They could drag it into one of the 16 epis of S7.
    The Browns. We heard the threat, so we arent about to forget it anytime soon.
    Bree and Roger. 🤐
    I havent reread book 6 yet. Are we meeting any Quakers yet, I wonder.

    • You haven’t read book 6? How do you know about Quakers? Or, which Quakers are we talking about? Yes, pretty sure the Richard Brown part will be there, and resolved in Season 6. Maybe. He doesn’t go past dropping them off in New Bern in the book. Why 🤐 about Bree and Roger? 😄

      • I think she said re-read book 6. And the Quakers would be Rachel & Denny Hunter which I think would show up in S7. That will be nice to see who will be playing them! And Hal will be back too, I suppose. I liked Hal in the books & the Actor that played him in the Culloden episode was well matched!

  6. well yes I found that chapter just like you said the “Christie Attack” n I was thinking we already had C’s abduction and Bree’s rescue and death of Bonnet maybe that helps cause those were taken into account last season…maybe they will end it with Amanda’s medical emergency and family going back with a sad farewell or maybe just the sickness..or maybe the actual end of ABOSAA when Donner attacks and house goes up in flames!!!?? yikes cannot not wait!!! Just love these actors and this show Thanks Diana

  7. I really don’t know… but isn’t it fun to speculate? We all so love the storyline. ABOSAA is my favorite of the series because there is so much that happens. They could easily pull some into the 16 episodes of season 7. And let’s just hope they all hold out till the series ends with book 10.

    • I’m with you for 10 seasons on the show! And, my opinion is that they will pull some of ABOSAA into Season 7, for sure.

  8. It could be that ‘The World Turned Upside Down’ is Roger and Bree having Mandy and discovering her heart problem and their decision to go back. And the season ender could still be Malva’s accusation and/or death and the arrival of Richard Brown to take Claire to the authorities. Season 7 opener could be Claire’s rescue by Tom Christie and Jaime.

    • That’s a good point. They could use the title from the Christie chapter in the book, but then do other things – or squeeze in both. It could start with the Mandy discovery and going back and end with the Malva bomb?

      I could easily see the season finale being Richard Brown finding Claire in the garden. Or, the ending of episode 7? And then…

  9. I think it will be Richard Brown taking Claire & Jamie away as the cliff hanger. Brianna & Roger were back in the future weren’t they then? Or it could be Brianna & Roger meeting William with Jamie & Lord John looking on as a cliff hanger setting up the dual storylines for S7?

    • So many options!! Will we get William with the shorter seasons? I’m not sure. But Jocasta and Lord John Grey are clearly in S6 – so the gold storyline is in, and – what’s LJG’s role? He writes letters in ABOSAA & he is there for the Bree William meeting – which happens before they go back. So – does that happen in the show? Maybe Roger & Bree leave to go back, but stop to see Marsali and Fergus in New Bern and run into LJG and William there while the shit is hitting the fan at Frasers ridge?

      • That sounds like a good “show” adaptation! But I liked how LJG was with Jamie looking out when Bree & Roger met with William in the books. It’s a very good moment that I wouldn’t want to be missed.

        • It is. But I’m not sure it’ll happen – it might. If they do Jamie & Ian going after the gemstones for Mandy, they could work it in then – they’re all there for that. Hmmm

      • Jocasta looks like she is in a travelling cloak, I think she & her husband sell River Run & go to Canada to live.

  10. Jocasta looks like she is wearing a travelling cloak. I think she & her her husband sell River Run & go to Canada to live.

  11. I assume they made their video close to the wrapping of the filming, so LJG and Aunt Jocasta were available and appear in the later episodes. Fergus and Marsala were not included, so their story of leaving the ridge must have been very early in the season – I’m going to miss them and their kids. That adds to the speculation.

  12. If the World Upside down is in episode 6, the death of Malva could be concluded there as well and the end the confrontation by the Brown crew and the Frasers. Episode 7 could be the journey of Jamie, Claire and Tom and her rescue. All the events involving Bree and Bonnet have been done. The death of Allan at the gravesite. It could end with the red herring burning on Jan 21 1776 with Major McDonald (if they see fit to include him this season). Episode 8 could be the battle of Moore’s Creek, some spring stuff at the Ridge, birth of Mandy, meeting of William and Bree and the MacKenzies going back to the future for Mandy’s surgery. The End. At least it would end on a hopeful note. I would then do the real fire at the beginning of episode 1, Season 7 and proceed from there.

  13. All such fascinating theories. I do think that Christie saga will be concluded within Season 6 … if anything, commitment of actors would have been deciding factor. So glad that Cesar and Lauren (Henri Christian) will have time to shine before their departure to bigger, better things! Will miss Lauren as she was a breath of fresh air last season. Starz seems to be emphasizing Roger more so suspect his storylines will be emphasized. Not too excited about the the twins and Lizzie but actors deserve their time. I sincerely hope that they include Claire’s illness. She did mention a haircut in a panel but that was prior to filming Season 6. And BTS photos imply that LJG & William will be prominent. Surprised about Jocasta appearance (Frenchmen’s gold?) (though always grateful for Maria!) I won’t be embraced for this but I think Season 7 will be last. Sam & Cait will have fulfilled their contracts and technically – if the long Season 7 combines the next two books – they will have completed their commitment to fans as that was the entire canon at the time they signed on. Perhaps they could comeback to Bees when they are closer to the character’s ages… years from now. But it seems time. Sam has recently voiced a frustration with arduousness of filming Outlander.

  14. Well I am late to this post. All these are interesting. I think the season will start with Roger and Bree in the future at Lallybroch. I think that was the purpose of them “traveling” last season. Then tell the Mandy story etc through flashbacks with them discussing what happened. They have done these time leaps in the past but not for a while. They could cover a lot of ground that way. I think it may end with Claire in jail and Jamie hit over the head and tied up. I think they will tie up the Christie story but could film the Malva’s grave scene and hold it over that would free up the actors. I don’t think we will see the fire or William this year. I think they will have a battle but not sure which one.

    • I absolutely love your ideas of how S6 will go! However, I do think they will have a grown-up William during S6 since the MacKenzie’s meet William with Mandie in their arms prior to their departure. I don’t think we’ll see the fire during S6 either -it should be in S7. But, yes, your ideas would make for a wonderful S6!

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