Lovely New Interview with Caitriona

Photo: Caitriona at the Season 2 Saks event in NYC. I was behind the press line for this event, and snapped this shot of the flawless Balfe!

Thanks to @mushka_mushk for bringing Caitriona Balfe’s Step Into The Unknown to my attention. The podcast is called The Unimaginable, with fellow Irishman and host, Jimmy Brown.  I really enjoyed this. Grab your coffee, or cocktail and have a listen. 

In the spirit of service, for Mothers’ Day, Caitriona encouraged everyone to donate to the Choose Love campaign, which reunites families separated on the US-Mexico border. 


Did you catch my chat with Paula and Robert Licuria? If not, go here: 

Chatting Outlander with Robert and Paula Licuria of Gold Derby

William Ransom has been cast! Here is my piece on the actor who’s playing him: Charles Vandervaart…

William Ransom Has Been Cast! Who Is Charles Vandervaart?

Have you ever watched our first ever OutlanderBTS Episode discussion? Check it out if not. We discussed Ep 605 last night, so look for that later this week.

OutlanderBTS Episode 402, The Discussion – Do No Harm

Have a great Tuesday. x

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Many blessings to those suffering in Ukraine and Russia. 🙏🏼

2 comments on “Lovely New Interview with Caitriona

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the iHeart interview. Fantasting to learn more about Cait. The recording was 26 minutes and cut off mid-sentence. How does one find the entire interview?

    Many thanks,
    Shirley Nycum

    • Hi Shirley – the entire interview is 35:26. I’m not sure why it cut off at 26:00 for you. There are some adds that pop up during the interview but the interview comes back after. Perhaps your WiFi connection gave out? Try again!

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