Chatting Outlander with Robert and Paula Licuria of Gold Derby

I get to do lots of fun things for my blog, and one recent one was chatting Outlander with Robert and Paula Licuria, of Gold Derby. We talked just after the premiere of Season 6, and didn’t yet know what an excellent season we were in for. I hope you enjoy! 


Did you hear that William Ransom has been cast?? Indeed. Find out more about the actor who’s playing him: 

William Ransom Has Been Cast! Who Is Charles Vandervaart?


See what Diana has to say about Outlander’s new William Ransom

And, did you see our discussion of Episode 608


To see all our Season 6 (and 4 and 5) discussions, go to Episode Discussions!


Have a wonderful week!

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3 comments on “Chatting Outlander with Robert and Paula Licuria of Gold Derby

  1. That was really cool watching my favorite interviewer being interviewed – LOL! Loved the whole chat!

  2. Those First Nation Canadians really look as though they were “born in the saddle”when they rescued Jamie.Wonderful riding on the beach no less.

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