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Photo: Screen Capture Source: The Paley Center for Media

Here is the panel video from tonight at Paley Center for Media New York. The gang was as adorable as usual: Richard is a wee bit jet lagged or perhaps fighting a cold, but still verra mischievous, Caitriona is stunning, astute, and a joy, Sophie is humble and fun, Sam, sporting black hair, is playful, and did his best not to give away spoilers, Ron is thoughtful and interesting, and Maril is polished and authentic. 

The video starts at about 6:00, and fades out a couple of times when they showed Season 4 clips. It was a nice, intimate evening. A special shout out goes to Morgan for her incredible customer care skills. Thank you so much Morgan!!



PFNY 2018 | Outlander

TONIGHT, Oct. 5 @ 7:07pm ET we’ll be LIVE STREAMING Outlander’s #PaleyFest NY event on our Facebook page!

Don’t miss Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, Ronald D. Moore, and Maril Davis

Tonight’s moderator will be Julie Kosin, of Harper’s Bazaar!

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14 comments on “Paley NY Panel Video

  1. Loved the video. It is great to see all our favourite actors up on stage, just being themselves. Richard and Sam were having fun, and Caitriona is so beautiful and stunning. Sophie held her own, has a great sense of humour.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. Loved all of it. But my favorite part was Ron explaining controversial scenes re modern mores vs the 18th century. I thought that was a wonderful explanation and, I hope, puts to rest all fussing about what is now vs what was then. I would refer all people who get outraged over something to view his explanation. There is so very much horror that humans have perpetrated. Then and now. We can only hope for this to change for the better. Changing history to satisfy what is now is foolish. We should learn and change. Not change the past to suit now. Now that I’m done sermonizing, is that a word, i loved the interaction of these people. Well done, I say.

    • Your comment was right on the mark and beautifully put. It was common sense, logical and to the point. Thank you for your intelligent comment. We can’t change the past nor change it to suit now. I agree with you 100%. It would be interesting to know what the folks in the 18th century would think of our century – would be interesting to hear what they would say. Just wondering!

    • well said, I felt Ron handled it well. If we do not tell the modern generation about the past then how will they learn what kind of effort it took to change things over the years ?The fight for women to vote, the end of slavery. They were not easily won by a few emails. The school history books skip so much. I heard many in Scotland never even studied about Culloden and the rebellions since the British have controlled the writing of history for hundreds of years.

  3. THANK you, that was terrific. This team of actors and producers are so bright and convivial and warm — that I suspect all of us just want to be their friends and be a part of the production! Thank you again!

  4. As someone who is 72 years young and still working 40 hours a week to help support my husband who is disabled and lives in an assisted living facility, I have precious little time to cull through all the tweets, and youtube subscriptions to find current videos, et al, I am tremendously grateful for the time you spend making things like this available so quickly and so user-friendly. Thank you so much!

    I’m so looking forward to season 4 and the premiere in particular–this is just the best. Thank you, thank you! Thank you!

  5. Thank you! Again and again! Terrific reunion of Ron D. Moore, Maril Davis, and… Jamie, Claire, Bree and Roger! Enjoyed it 100%. The questions were intelligent and well presented and the answrs perfect, humorous, sensitive, funny. The atmosphere seemed “familial” and I loved it and was feeling as if I had been invited among them. Thank you so much.

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