New Interview with Sam, Cait, Richard and Sophie from NYCC

The gang were on the live stage yesterday here at NYCC for a brief interview with Tara Bennett (you remember Tara? Author of The Making Of Outlander). Some new info here, and some talk of Roger and Jamie’s little willies (ahem), take a look…

For more coverage in NYC: Paley Panel Video, NYCC Madison Square Garden Panel 

6 comments on “New Interview with Sam, Cait, Richard and Sophie from NYCC

  1. A lot of fun being had on stage. The fans loved it and seeing their favourite actors again. Love Richard’s accent – very Scottish. Of course seeing Sam and Caitriona again is always a treat. Sophie is great as Brianna – looking forward to her going through the stones and on the hunt to find her mother and father. Season 4 is just not too far away.

  2. You mention Tara Bennett. I fortunately have her book “The Making of Outlander” which centered on Seasons 1 and 2. A treasure of a book – I love it. Do you know if she has any plans to having another similar book out for Season 3 and 4? Just wondering. What a thrill that would be.

    • Hi Ria, Andrea is right, I have added that info – these videos start later on, they were live feeds. The NYCC panel starts at 1:22 and the other NYCC Tara Bennett one starts at 1:30. Let me know if that fixes it.

  3. Fantastic! They were all there: Jamie, Claire, Bree and Roger! Thank you for the fun and the humorous answers.

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