Popsugar Predicts Outlander Season 5 Premiere Date

Photo: Sam and Cait as Jamie and Claire, Season 5

In an article published Thursday, August 22, Popsugar predicts that Outlander will premiere on January 5, 2020. Here’s their rationale…


That’s right — we are still months away, fans. If we had to guess, we would wager Starz will debut season five on Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020. The reason we think it’ll be that soon after the holidays is that Outlander seasons are 13 episodes long (after the first season, which ran 16 episodes). If they start on Jan. 5, 13 episodes will take the show through the end of March, and then American Gods can premiere in the first part of April. There’s always a chance that Starz will hold Outlander until Jan. 12 or even Jan. 19, but it will definitely premiere sometime in January, or else Starz’s year-round Sunday night original schedule will be thrown off.

One assumption is off, as we know Season 5 will actually be 12 episodes, not 13. So, if their other assumptions are correct, that may mean it will air on Jan 12 or 19?

I was personally surprised that Outlander will be at NYCC in early October, after the 2020 premiere date was announced. Having it air in early January would be one explanation for that decision – people in the US, which is Starz’ domain, get involved in the holidays starting in mid November, and running through the fist of January. If Starz plans to air in early January, they would need to start promoting the season before the holidays.

I certainly wouldn’t complain about an early January premiere date! (For my own rationale and predictions for the Season 5 premiere date, please go to: More Thoughts on The Outlander Season 5 Premiere Date).

What say you?

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17 comments on “Popsugar Predicts Outlander Season 5 Premiere Date

  1. Just want u to know after the wedding post I am unsubscribing. In no way should u be voicing an opinion on anyones personal life BTS…

  2. Season 5 is only going to be 12 episodes. The typical break between Seasons so far, has been 14 months from season-opening to season-opening. They took a longer break after the filming of season 4, so it is logical to think that it’s going to be a longer time between seasons. It just doesn’t make sense to look for it before the end of February and more than likely March or April. Settle in for a long Droughtlander. This girl is dreaming!

    • This is almost unfair. First we were told April, then November, then early Sori g which could be February-April… now here is what sounds pretty logical: a January 5 th premiere date. I am tired of having my hopes jerked around, and what if this latest prediction is wrong? Then it’s more months of Droughtlander!! I don’t Know about y’all , but I am sticking to “I’ll believe l it when I see if” start date. No more messing with my head snd heart, please. My own personal hunch is the premiering on the shelves of Book 9 might play a huge part in defining when the actual season 5 begins.

      • Hi again Julianne,

        I’m not sure the two will be timed in any certain way, since Random House is in charge of the book’s release and Starz is in charge of the show’s release. Possibly. My guess, Jan-March, as J. Hirsch said first part of 2020 (which, to me, means first quarter, coming from a biz guy like him).

  3. COO Jeffrey Hirsch said, in his “premium female” speech, that the 2nd half of the final season of Power debuts Jan 6. Piwer is 10 eps long do that makes 5 eps as of Jan 6, taking us to 1st of Feb. He said Outlander would premiere after Power, ergo, most likely mid Feb. Popsugar is sour on this one, imo.

    • Hi Barbara, Excellent sleuthing! I found several articles that quote Jeffrey Hirsch saying January 2020 for the second half of Power (no mention of a January 6, though. It is Season 6, could that be the 6?)

      Thanks for your comment!

  4. Because the start date has been projected several times: First September, then November then April, then early Spring and now supposedly January, I just cannot believe it or get my hopes up any longer. The start date is simply “when the chickens hatch” … then I’ll believe it. I love the books, ,the stars and the show. I don’t Like being jerked around with projections.

    • Aw, Julianne, I understand! The true date will come from Starz, at some point. This is indeed, only a guess. My guess is sometime in February, maybe even the first part of March. But, I do think it will be in the first quarter of 2020 (Jan-March). But “when the chickens hatch” sounds like a pretty good rule of thumb. ? xo

  5. My guess … find out when the last episode of the POWER extension is being aired. OUTLANDER will premiere the Sunday after that. Probably early February.

    • Very close – February 16th, 2020 is when Season 5 will hit the tv screen. Actually, this high anticipation of looking forward to another Outlander Season keeps my interest in Outlander in high alert – it is like a really good mystery – keeps us all wondering what the next step will be.

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