Outlander Episode 401, Quickie Spoiler Free Highlights

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Kudos to John Bell and Sam Heughan for their beautiful, emotional scene. 

Jamie and Claire are BACK! (especially at night, in the woods!)

Ed Speleers is phenomenal as Stephen Bonnet. Charming, attractive, and horrid. 

The costumes are spectacular.

The sets and locations are fantastic. 

The ending sequence is pure art. So well done, particularly Caitriona and one other character…

We see Jamie’s humorous side again! YAY.

Loved it, great kick off to Season 4…

And, I loved the “Inside the World” with Matt and Maril sitting in their little rockers! 

Oh! And Tim Downie rocked Governor Tryon! 




33 comments on “Outlander Episode 401, Quickie Spoiler Free Highlights

  1. I enjoyed tonight’s episode so much everything was so well done ? I am so happy it’s back I wish they could keep it on for many more years Keep up the good work that is done by all

  2. When Ian recounts what happens to him with Gillis, that scene was at the end of Voyager after his rescue. Ron Moore blended Voyager and beginning of DOA. I loved the first episode of S4. Kudos to entire cast and crew.

  3. I am just reading notes and appreciations… Until when? No STARZ and Outlander S4 over here. Please, enjoy it all of you and let me know as you did in these comments. It gives me a taste of heaven. Sunday morning and the sun is shining. Double shining now after reading your lines. Thank you.

  4. I am just reading notes and appreciations… Until when? No STARZ and Outlander S4 over here. Please, enjoy it all of you and let me know as you did in these comments. It gives me a taste of heaven. Sunday morning and the sun is shining. Double shining now after reading your lines. Thank you.

    Sorry. I pushed several times to have this posted, but my iPad is slow and I had not realised that it was duplicated. Sorry again.

  5. Well done Courtney. All of your creations are phenomenal. Please don’t let the emergibg enormity of Starz/Outlander get you down. The behavior is typical as a “startup” becomes successful and goes mainstream. (I’m in the tech business, and this is the pattern of a startup evolvibg into global markets.). Likewise, I was the founder and leader of something game-changing (a volunteer endeavor) and attracted 200+ passionate people to make it happen. The leaders of that space were supportive and great to us… until they took it over when the organization hit critical mass. I was broken-hearted and felt betrayed. One of my tech friends discussed the above comparison to me. It’s the nature of the big-business beast. (Happy to tell you the story if we talk again.) Please rest assured that your community that YOU HAVE CREATED values and supports you. Take care. Nadine. (Pls excuse typos… it’s 5:30 am here… and I’m not a 5:30 am person!)

  6. It was an amazing episode. I felt love and passion, rage for Ian’s discussion with Jamie, fear and loathing for Bonnet, disgust for voyeurs at a hanging. Kudos to the actors every step of the way. The end scene was so well choreographed—-and so upsetting. Watch with tissues. I never get tired of the Jamie Claire interactions. Yes, middle aged people still have passion and, uh, sex! ????

  7. Have to agree with all your observations of the premier. John Bell really shined and Sam and Cait slayed it, as usual! I enjoyed the quiet “family time” around the table, great way to cover a lot of time that can’t fit into a tv episode. And the ending…. I don’t have the vocabulary to express how well it was done on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL!

  8. So excited to see Jamie & Claire together again. The scene between young Ian & Jamie was very emotional. And Claire’s scene is very dramatic! Love all the characters and of course Rolo! I’ve watched this episode twice already and can’t wait for next week’s episode!!

  9. How come nobody never praised Sam for his work? It is always Caitriona here and there. No wonder he is never nominated for a GG or an Emmy. Without Sam, there would be no Outlander. Sorry Courtney but I sometimes have enough of people always praising women like men do not exist anymore.

    • I hear you! I do praise Sam, but for me, the standouts in 401 were Cait, John Bell, and Ed Speleers. Sam was solid as Jamie. And yes, without him, no series. For me, Sam has moments of brilliance, and he can be inconsistent. Season 1 was an exception. I thought he was brilliant through the entire season. And last season, eps 301, 304, 308, and moments in others were outstanding for him in my opinion. I think Caitriona has grown into a very talented actress. I don’t always love her material, but IMO she has just gained more and more skill every season.

    • I have to agree with you Astrid. Sam does a fabulous job of playing Jamie. The physicality and emotion of his part is spot on. I love their story. I did a marathon yesterday. Started at 7am and watched the first 3 seasons all over again up to the current season. Obviously, I did nothing else all day. ?. It was worth it. Can’t get enough of Outlander. Best wishes to you.

      • Me too. I watched the marathon on one Starz channels and then again on the other. I also watch S4 4 times. Cannot get enough of it. The beginning was so sad when Hayes was hanged. I also loved when Leslie sang and everybody started to sing as well and then I was sad when Bonnet killed him. I cannot wait for Ep. 2

  10. I just watched episode one of season 4. I thought it was great and worth waiting for. I am so happy to see the story continue.

  11. Season 4 is showing here in Winnipeg at midnight – I have recorded it and will enjoy it on Monday. Drums of Autumn was so full of energy, danger and Jamie’s and Claire’s strength together (which is why they survived some pretty nerve wracking experiences). I know for sure that Season 4 will be awesome.

  12. I loved every second of the whole episode…Amazing…The photography work was what I noticed on my 4th watch…It was like sitting next to the actors as they spoke…Anytime something new is tried there are those that just can’t imagine why it was done…I personally loved the over song at the end…It said so much about what the Frasers will be facing…America is beautiful but it isn’t with out flaws , it never has been…

  13. Thanks for giving us a way to share outside of Twitter, Courtney! Dang! Watched this twice, & forgot to wait for Matt and Maril at the end. Guess I’ll have to watch again! On first viewing, taking it all in, not being too picky. But the second viewing made me aware of the rather cheesy CGI sections. Have to see who directed – they could have totally left out the shots of J & C from behind their heads while they’re talking about the trees. The river scenes showed a hazy background, and clear views of the actors. A bit of fog or smoke in front of them would have helped mesh the two better. Of course, loved seeing everyone again. Speelers was great / awful at the same time! Liked John Bell, but he’s just a tad old to pull off the geeky, gangly teenager. He seems a bit over the top enthusiastic for me. Maybe I’m remembering too many sullen teenager days? Tim Downie was a treat – wondered how they kept a straight face in these scenes.

  14. Courtney – do you know if they will post Seadon 4 scripts as they have done in the past? I really enjoy reading those. I have to wait until Outlander comes out on DVD. ? So I enjoy reading your blog and related posts. Thanks!

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