S5 Blooper Reel – Longer Version

**Oops, looks like that video was removed from youtube. I have replaced it with the shorter one for now. If I come across another longer one, I’ll let you know. Info on buying the DVD/Blu-ray below!**

Good morning lovelies. In Colorado today, we finally have blue skies instead of smoke, so I’m headed out for a much needed walk! But first, I’m sharing the only S5 Blooper Reel longer version I’ve found (so far). In the middle there is sound only and a green screen kind of thing, but it comes back. Enjoy! If I find a cleaner version, I’ll post it.

For another S5 Blooper Reel Clip, go here: S5 Blooper Reel Clip.

You can get more bloopers, deleted scenes, etc. on the newly released DVD & Blu-ray:  Outlander S5 DVD or Blu-Ray. Special edition Blu-ray here – Limited Edition Collectors’ Edition

Go here to see a deleted scene of Jamie and Claire from Episode 503, Free Will

For Droughtlander material, of course, reread the books, revisit our Seasons 4 and 5 Episode Discussions, and/ or visit Reader Favorites.

Coming up: OutlanderBTS What’s New, What Are You Looking Forward to in Season 6, and eventually more OutlanderBTS Episode Discussions and some interviews. 

Happy Sunday. x

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2 comments on “S5 Blooper Reel – Longer Version

  1. Loved it. Bloopers or not, the cast have great comebacks and have a laugh or two. Please share more bloopers – lots of fun. I love the cast of Outlander.

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