Come Join Us! OutlanderBTS: The Discussion Lasses in NYC This Weekend!

Photo: NYCC 2018, for full coverage, go to NYCC 2018

We will all 4 be in NYC this weekend, meeting for the first time in person, and thrilled about it! We would love to meet you too!


Come to the historic Algonquin Hotel, on Saturday for an informal discussion after the Outlander panel with the OutlanderBTS: The Discussion Lasses! Meet in the Lobby Lounge of the hotel. We will be there after the panel, 7:15ish? If you get there first, grab a cocktail and relax. If you think you might come, please post in the comments, so I have an idea of how many our group might be. If not, come anyway!

We’ll see you soon! 

xo, Courtney

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All my best to you. xo

25 comments on “Come Join Us! OutlanderBTS: The Discussion Lasses in NYC This Weekend!

    • Anne Epstein from Outlander SoCal here. I plan to come. I may drag along one or two others, if they are not too exhausted. Thank you for arranging this!

  1. Unfortunately, I can’t be in wonderful exciting New York, so I will wait to read about “Come join us” Outlander BTS.

  2. How I wish I were going to be in NYC this weekend, but I was just unable to arrange it this year. I would have loved to meet all of you. I hope you have a enjoyable weekend.

  3. This sounds so amazing..I will be living vicariously through your posts..I hope you all have a fantastic time..I knew I should have staked out Glasgow Airport this week ! ! Love from OutlanderLand x

  4. I just found that RT airfare is really cheap and I’m considering logistics as I doubt I’ll have this fun opportunity again. If I don’t come, I will be tickled to watch the live stream. 😊 Tricia

  5. I’m kicking myself for not buying airfare last night, just in case I decided to go. Because, even the Algonquin has a room available. Now, I realize it’s not as much fuss as I thought it would be, and I’ll not get this opportunity again, and ahhhhhhh!

    But, I can still have a super time watching you ladies and all our beloved Outlander stars, have a super time, today. 😊

    • Guys, we will video something tomorrow night. We had a 35 person gathering and it was too loud in the bar to do it. Stay tuned. xo

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